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DIY Wedding Challenge: How to make a DIY wedding program



Programs aren't always necessary, but they are often a great way to explain cultural traditions, address thank-you's, and also make a great keepsake. 


  • Cardstock - 2 Colors, 1 for the backing, the other for the inserts. (Cards and Pockets)

  • Mini Brads - 2 per program (Michael's, they have all kinds of finishes and some with embellishments)

  • Crystal (Art Beads)...optional bling


  • Paper Cutter

  • Bone Folder (used to crease paper to make folding easier)

  • E6000 craft glue (to adhere crystal embellishment)

  • 1/8" Hole puncher


Binding/backing:   First measure, mark and cut the paper for the outer protion of the programs (3-1/2" x 11").  I used 8 1/2" x 11" sheets and then cut them to size.  When designing the programs, take in consideration the 11" length and work around that. 


Make a crease 3/4" down from the top with a Bone Folder to make a clean fold.  This will fold over the inserts and act as the binding for the finished program.  **Tip: Be sure to consider the 3/4" fold at the top when designing the inserts.** 


Inserts:  I designed the inserts using MS Publisher (PowerPoint can also be used) and had them printed and cropped on my paper (per my specifications) by the local print/copy center.  Considering the 3/4" fold of the backing (chocolate brown paper shown in above picture) the longest insert measures 3-1/2" wide x 10-1/4" long.  Each insert is roughly 3/4" shorter than the last.  Once bound, they'll 'tier', revealing the insert below.   


Correlate the inserts and then added the dark brown paper ("backing").  Then use the hole puncher to punch 1/8" holes through all the layers of each program at once.  The holes are about 1/2" in from each side and centered from the top-to-bottom of the 3/4" backing "flap." 

Place the mini silver brads in the punched holes to bind all layers together.  You can also use ribbon or eyelets to bind the programs.  If using eyelets, you will need an eyelet tool to firmly secure them.


Last Updated: March 12, 2016 at 10:12 pm
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