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How to make a photo card box for your wedding


DIY wedding photo card box


  • (4) Frames of choice, I used 11x14, but you can use 8x10 frames. (Craft Store)

  • Foam Core board; enough to use as a base and a top to the box.  (Craft Store)

  • (4) 4-pack L-Brackets (or Corner Brackets) - 16 brackets total (local Hardware Store)

  • Roll of Duct tape (local Hardware Store)

  • Lazy-Susan, inexpensive and small enough to fit under your box without showing (local hardward store)

  • Roll of Shelf Liner OR cover of your choice for the top of the box.


  • Tape Measure

  • Power Drill (with bits and srew head)

  • X-acto Knife


*Before purchasing the brackets, be sure that the length of them doesn't interfere with opening and closing the back of your frame (to put in picture).  Also, be sure that the screws are not longer than the thickness of the frame.  You don't want screws coming through the front of your frames.

*When cutting foam core, make sure your blade is sharp.  Don't try to cut through it in one pass.  Score it and score it again.  Keep doing it until you finally slice all the way through.  If you try to cut foam core in one pass, you'll probably end up with really jagged edges.  Taking it slowly, layer by layer will give you a clean cut.


Remove the glass, matting and any other picture insert stuff in the frame, leaving you with just the frame.  This will make assembling much easier, and help the glass and matting from getting damaged during the project.  Carefully measure the placement of the brackets.  Two brackets will go on each side of the frames to hold the frames together. One bracket will go in the center of each frame at the top and the bottom to hold the foam core as the 'base' and the 'top' of the box.  See pics for clarification.

After measuring and marking bracket placement, pre-drill holes.  Attach brackets to frame starting with just the two centered on each frame at the top and bottom.  This is much easier to do while the frames are still apart.  Then begin attaching the rest of the brackets on the sides of the frames, attaching them together. 

Once your frames are together and you have a box, trace out the exact shape and size of the bottom and then top of the box onto the foam core.  Use the x-acto knife to trim the foam core.  Then measure and mark the card slot opening.  I made mine about 8" wide by about a 1/2".  Carefully cut out the opening of the foam core for the "top".  Then cover the "top" piece with the shelf liner or desired cover.  I was lucky to find shelf liner that looked and felt like brown suede.  The bonus is that it was already sticky-backed and inexpensive.  Carefully press the shelf liner onto the foam core while smoothing away any air bubbles.  Using the x-acto knife, cut a slice down the center of the card opening, lengthwise; and press the shelf liner down through the hole. *Note:  I also put the liner on the bottom piece of foam core to give a finished look.  When I looked through the card slot hole, I didn't like that I could see the foam core...its completely optional and up to.

Use duct tape to secure the "bottom/base" foam core to the 4 bottom brackets.  Once the base is securely in place, you can then attach the lazy susan, also using duct tape.  Add the "top" to your box and Viola...a finished photo card box.  I must say that after finishing this project, I'm really amazed with my handy I purchased the materials and completed the entire project in an afternoon. The approximate total cost was $50-$60. The best part is that I can remove all the brackets, and re-use the frames after the wedding.

I purchased the materials and completed the entire project in an afternoon. The approximate total cost was $50. The best part is that I can remove all the brackets, and re-use the frames after the wedding.


Last Updated: January 11, 2015 at 10:46 am
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