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How to change your name in Michigan


Here's my Step By Step Guide to changing your name in Michigan:

1) Get Certified Copy of your Marriage License from your County Clerk.  Mine was ready within a week. 

2) Change your name at the Social Security Office.  I recommend taking this form  with you.  Go during off peak hours, (ie avoid lunch time) and try one in a more suburban area.  When you check in if they have the computer, use option 2.  (Replacement card, including name change) Cost - Free

3) Change your name at the Secretary of State.  You have to get a new pic taken, so look pretty.  =)  Cost - $9.00.  Again try off peak hours, and suburban offices.   If you don't have a passport, you might want to consider upgrading to a Enhanced License, which allows for Land and Sea travel to Canada and the Caribbean.  If you want to do this, bring the reciept from the Social Security Office and your Birth Certificate with you as well.  Enhanced License Cost $45.00

4) Change your name with your utilities: (Free)

  • Detroit Edison/MichCon requires a faxed copy of your marriage certificate, as well as legal Photo ID, and the last 4 Digits of your Social Security number, I just faxed a basic letter and included the documents listed above to :888.386.6955

  • SEMCO (gas) and MetroPCS - Changed my name verbally over the phone.

  • Contact your Local Water Company and Garbage Disposal for their procedures.

5) Change your name with your Bank, you will have to take in a copy of your Marriage Certificate for this as well.  Make sure to order new checks and ATM cards.  Cost - Depends on your Bank

6) Change your name with your Post Office - You can do it online here or pick up the form at the Post Office.  Cost - $1 Online; Free if done with mail in form

7) Contact your HR, mine requires the new Social Security Card, make sure to have them change it with 401k's, IRA's, Stock Options, Health Insurance, etc.  Discuss changing your tax status, and number you are claiming. 

8) Change your name on your Credit Cards, Facebook, Myspace, and any Career/Alumni Associations that you belong too.

Hope this helps ladies!


Last Updated: September 28, 2009 at 10:38 am
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