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Wedding Dress Necklines


Bateau necklines - sometimes referred to as a "boat neck," and refers to a wide, high neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone.

Dress by Amsale


Cowl necklines - extra material around the neck make the garment hang in a U-shaped "scoop" that ends around the chest.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


Halter necklines - a backless gown with any neckline that is fastened at the back of the neck.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


High Neck necklines -characterized as fitting close and high on the chest, near to or collared on the neck.

Dress by Rina di Montella Bridal


Jewel necklines - a high, circular neckline that passes around the neck on all sides. Sometimes referred to as a T-shirt neckline.

James Clifford Collection


Off the Shoulder necklines - one long, nearly linear neckline that lies below the shoulder and collar bone and encircles the arm just below the shoulder.

Dress by Ann Barge


Portrait necklines - a variation of either off-the-shoulder or bateau necklines, but is characterized by having a collar of extra fabric that flares out from the neckline and  frames the upper chest, neck, and face.

Nathan Taylor for 2Be Social


Queen Anne necklines - a neckline with fabric high on the sides and back, but a low sweetheart cutout framing the chest, neck, and face. This style is typically sleeved.

Dress by J. Crew


Scoop necklines - a curved, semicircle, or U-shaped neckline that falls below the collar bone.

Dress by Amsale


Square necklines - three edges angled similar to three sides of a square. The bottom edge is horizontal across the chest, while the other two edges extend perpendicularly from the chest to the shoulders.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


Strapless necklines - Without straps, reveals the shoulders.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


Sweetheart necklines - two scallops resemble the top half of a heart.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


V-Neck necklines - two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meet on the chest, similar to the shape of the letter V.

Dress by Amy Kuschel


Spaghetti Straps - two thin shoulder straps around the shoulders.

Dress by Amsale

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:00 am
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