Wedding Dress Sleeve Types


Bell Sleeve - can be either long or short, usually set smoothly into the armhole and flares toward the bottom.

Kelima K


Cap Sleeve - a very short sleeve that covers the shoulder and the top of the upper arm

Mon Cheri Bridal

Illusion Sleeve - a sleeve made of sheer material giving the illusion of no sleeve

Mon Cheri Bridal


Poet Sleeve - a long sleeve fitted from shoulder to elbow, and then flared dramatically from elbow to wrist.


Dress by Sposabella.

T-shirt Sleeve - a short sleeve that looks like the sleeve of a T-shirt

Amy Kuschel


Tank -a garment with straps and literally no sleeve at all such that the upper arm is completely exposed.

Sophia Tolli Bridal


Coat/Jacket - an article of clothing worn over the dress and covering part of the arms

Lynne Ashworth

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:56 pm
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