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Your Style: Glamorous


You glamour girl, you. You’re into Hollywood style, you’ve adopted the latest trends months ahead of your friends, and even in your first apartment you managed to pull off a put-together décor. On the day you say “I do,” take glam to the next level. Here are 10 tips for a glamorous wedding:


1) Dress the Part

Look chic in an ultramodern wedding gown. Contemporary brides welcome a bit of sex appeal, so go ahead and flaunt what you’ve got.

One-shoulder dresses are in, as are backless gowns and figure-hugging trumpet cuts. Skip the traditional string of pearls with matching earrings and instead opt for one eye-catching accessory: a shimmery bib necklace, diamond drop earrings, or a clutch purse covered in Swarovski crystals. For even more elegance, add satin gloves. Finish the look with a sparkly headpiece or flower in your hair. Skip the veil.


2) Be the Center of Attention

For an outdoor ceremony, or for an indoor affair if space allows, arrange guests’ chairs in a circle around the couple, your officiant, and the wedding party. That way you’re surrounded by love, and there’s not a bad seat in the house.


3) Outfit Your Entourage

Your bridesmaids will stick by you for much of the night, so when they look good, you look good. For added sophistication, dress them in black, navy, deep purple, or some other elegant hue. Let them wear their hair down if they choose, so the effect is effortless, not contrived.


4) Lounge Around

Here’s an idea you’ll want to steal from celebrity party planners: the lounge. Be it your cocktail reception or the dinner and dancing area, the lounge look simultaneously dresses up and relaxes a room. To pull it off, bring in modern sofas, ottomans, and floor pillows. Hang strings of lights vertically along the walls, and cover them with sheer curtains for a cozy, sophisticated setting.


5) Bring On the Bubbly

A cash bar is nice. Open bar, nicer still. But with a few touches of class, you can take your champagne wishes to the next level. At the cocktail reception, stack champagne flutes on a dressed-up table, or get waiters in tuxes to pass pomegranate martinis or a signature drink you create for the occasion. To make the ultimate splash, consider a champagne fountain.


6) Light the Way

The better part of the evening will be spent at the reception site, not the ceremony, so put most of your effort—and budget—into that area’s décor. For an unforgettable first impression, start with dramatic lighting. Think up-lighting, plenty of candles, and a monogram spotlight on the dance floor.


7) Deck Out the Tables

The keys to a fab table arrangement are sight and smell. Over-the-top centerpieces are in; just make sure they don’t block anyone’s view.

One solution is to go low—place a bubble bowl of roses in the center of the table, surrounded by as many fragrant votive candles as you can fit. Or go high—tall glass containers bursting with flowers add drama, shower your guests in a sweet scent, and keep everyone in view. Even better are flowers adorned with crystals. If your budget allows, add the little extras that make the setup even more special, like silver chargers, crystal napkin rings, and elegant menu cards atop each plate.

Monochromatic tablescapes are also in. Try red chargers and red flowers on a crimson tablecloth, or wash everything in white. Another Hollywood trend is to skip the round tables altogether and opt for long tables instead, allowing guests to sit closer to the people around them.


8) Add Some Music

During cocktail hour or dinner, set the tone with background music that carries on your theme. Give your band or DJ a playlist of the songs you’d like. Some suggestions: “Glamorous” by Fergie, Marilyn’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” “Diamonds and Pearls” by Prince, and Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever.”


9) Take the Cake

Contemporary wedding cakes are stunning but not fussy. Choose a simple structure, such as box tiers or traditional round, stacked cakes. Adorn with one deliberate, eye-catching embellishment such as a cascade of real or marzipan flowers, jewels, your monogram, or a design that mimics the pattern on your programs or even your dress. You can also cut a small cake for photos and give each guest a mini-cake that resembles yours.


10) Do Yourself a Favor

While what’s on the inside does count, a gift’s wrapping is what sets it apart. For a glamorous ending to the evening, send guests off with individual boxes of chocolate tied with gold ribbon, elegant tea sachets, or chocolate-covered espresso beans in a cool tin. Even more chic is skipping favors altogether and announcing that you’ve made a charitable donation in honor of your guests.




Last Updated: August 22, 2008 at 6:54 am
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