diy around the cake letters


want to make letters but not spend money on wood letters or take the time to sit and paint them? then this is the perfect project for you! this is how i made the lettering to go around my cake.

you can choose anything and even go bigger on the lettering, also the foam is available in many colors.

this is my step by step on how to do it

picked up a piece of fun foam from Michael's 99cents

stencil letters on sale from Joann's $3

place letters on foam in no particular order, trace letters ( i used a pen so that it made an indention in the foam)

repeat for all letters, i needed 16 letters and they all fit on the one sheet of foam

next i cut out all the letters individually, but not perfect that way i could focus on each letter and not have too much foam in the way

next cut each letter, i used small paper cutting shears.. the foam is very soft so be careful.. the pen mark kept my scissors right in place!

finish all the letters and ta-da your done!
here is what my finished product looked like (i placed it around a cake stand just to give me an idea of how much room i will have, i will probably put one votive between each word)

i thought the wood letters seemed heavey and i wanted them to be lighter so that when i sprinkle rose petals on the cake table the words can just lightly float on top without squeeshing anything!

[fyi alot of things stick to to foam so make sure you keep it away from anything like hair or lint etc.. i have gold accents so i will probably spray some adhesive and lightly dust with sparkles)

COST = $3.99

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:39 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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