DIY Bridesmaid dress hangers


1) Buy a pack of wooden hangers. They're usually fairly affordable and can be bought at stores like Target, WalMart and department stores. You can get them in a few different shades of brown.

2) Decide if you want to put your bridesmaid's name, initials or other word on the hanger. You also can put just a design or a sticker.

3) Purchase stickers, gemstones, ribbon and anything else you'd like to decorate the hanger with.You can buy these type of things at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

4) Use a hot glue gun, even on stickers, to ensure each piece of applique you apply will hold. Adhesive on craft stickers often doesn't hold on wood very well.

5) Begin by placing the letters where you'd like them on the hanger. Then glue on other design stickers, pearls or gemstones. If you apply pearls individually, be careful to separate them evenly and by shape and size so they don't look too clumped!

6) Apply ribbon around the top of the hanger, or around the sides.


--> Use different colors or shapes for your maid of honor and bridesmaids, or bridesmaids and flower girls, etc.
--> Make one for yourself that says Bride! Make ones for your mother and future mother in law for their dresses as well.
--> Ensure the hanger you choose will carry the weight of the dress. keep in mind that some hangers will not hold heavy wedding or bm dresses.


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