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DIY Uplights: word to the wise...


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EDIT** - additonal pictures added in thread...

SO I was inspired by Lcullen with her blue uplighting:

Apparently, 90W floodlights were not powerful enough to really light through the dark gel...

SO I bought a 90W Spot, 120W & 150W flood...I will post pics.  BUT the 90W flood isn't going to be bright enough because of the dark gel...


Good to know!  Let me know what ends up working...



I have the dark blue gels too and wanted to use them for our recpt room.


I went and bough other bulbs today so tonight when I get home I am going to try them out - I will post pics then =) Did you order the dark blue or the congo?


I am not sure what color it's considered, i will check them when i get home and post! :)


Where did you order your uplights from? 


She got them from

Very good to know, I also will be doing blue uplighting. Please let us know how the new bulbs work. Thanks for the heads up!!

So here a pictures using the different bulbs.  I bought the congo blue color - which looks purple when there is no other lighting.  I really want to buy the dark blue gels and try it but I am going to wait until I take them to the venue...hopefully next weekend to try them out there and see how they look.  With the additional light on in the background of the pictures, the light looks blue-r.  With no light they are purple. 

 90W spotlight

 120W flood

 150W flood

The intensity of the light didn't really change the color, it was having additional light on. 


Wow thank you for sharing. I'm trying to go for a darker blue as well. I'll have to do a lot of testing!


So because you had the kitchen light on... it made it look more blue?

Last Updated: February 3, 2014 at 10:33 pm
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