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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are new to Project Wedding, or you are too shy to ask, here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions from our community boards!

If one of your questions are not answered here... PLEASE don't be afraid to posted the question on the forums, and will try to add it to the list for future brides!!


Q: What does "bump" mean?

A: Every time someone responds to a thread that topic goes to the top of the forum. If the thread has not seen a lot of attention, or the poster is looking for additional support they will "bump" up the thread!

If you get confused by some of our lingo... to right of the forum there is a Help: PW Acronyms page that list our most commonly use shorthand notations. You can also get to that page by click on this link.... Help: PW Acronyms


Q: What are these diamonds under the users pictures? How do I get more?

A: The diamonds are referred to as carats. The more you post in the community forums/groups the faster you will grow your carat count. You can check out this article to find out more on carats....PW Community Carats


Q: How do I change email notification on saved threads?

A: On the top right corner there is a tab called "Account". You can click on that to adjust all your settings... including changing your wedding date (if needed).


Q: How do I post a picture?

A: Within the text toolbar there is a tree icon. When you click on the icon a new window will appear, click on the "Upload New Photo" tab,  click on "browse"... once the picture is uploaded, click insert! Voila!!

Please read regarding posting photos


Q: How do I post an HTML link?

A: This forum has a built in HTML link code generator.

  1. Simply write out your text

  2. Highlight the word(s) that you wish to be active for the link

  3. Click on the chain link picture on the text box toolbar (It's next to the tree)

  4. A new window will pop-up

  5. Paste you link in the URL box

  6. Click insert... and your done


Q: How do I move pages around in my bio?

A: As you have noticed every new page you create in your bio appears at the very end. In order to change the order of your pages in your bio, it just a few simple steps

  1. Go in to edit mode in the page you what to move, you do this by clicking on the pencil icon

  2. At the below the text box on the right hand side there are three icons. (a) a trash can to delete, (b) an up arrow, and (c) a down arrow. Use the arrows to move your page up and down the entry list. You can see the changes on the far left side of you screen under your "all entries" column

  3. When you have it placed the page to your liking, hit the save button! 


Q: How do I make my bio pages private?

A: Whenever you are creating a new page our editing a bio page you have privacy setting options. Just use the pull down box located below the text box on the left side. Then hit save!


Q:  How can I make sure that topic titles and posts I create are descriptive and easy-to-find?

A:  D1rtyMart1n1 provides some excellent tips to make sure that forum topics are as useful and easy-to-find as possible.  Here is an excerpt of that thread:

" instead of "where can i find..."   and then nothing else - i'd type in "pearl bracelets - where to find?"

b/c i gotta be honest - if the title doesn't tell me a little bit about what you need and is super vague - i skip to the next one i can help with and get back to the vague one later...     

also - if it's a non-wedding related thread like today's "what kind of car do you drive"....please type in "NWR" first so we know it's Not Wedding Related"

Read more here.


Q: Are there any tips for new threads?

A: No worries, no question is a "silly" question. Dont be afraid to ask on the boards, However if you are asking, chances are it may have already been asked on the forum OR there is an article already about it. For example- many of us want to know about how to budget OR candy buffet etc. There is the PW WIKI which is an awesome resource with tons and tons of information from ex brides, experts and vendors who have been through the process before. If you dont find answers here by all means ask on the forums.

Another PW tool is the search function (located on the top right hand corner). Lets say you are looking for inspiration for a green & red wedding, You can search the forums, bios, photos and groups. Results from a search can reaveal such useful information that may surprise you.


Q: Are there any PW Traditions?

A: YES!!!

  1. When you get to your 5,000 post have your FI/DH write a little something nice about you (or PW)!

  2. Whenever a couple gets their marriage license - stop for 5 seconds and snap a pic!.. Then post it in our PW Hall of Fame

  3. Always shout out when you are leaving the board to say "i do"


Q: What can I do to make PW better?

A: Being an active member within the community is a great way to start. M.H.1.23 provides a great guide in how we can all help maintan PW as a postive wedding planning community. Here is and exceprt from that thread:

"We generally post about our own wedding and our own ideas. But it is not rare to see non-PW weddings highlights and hear stories about successes and failures at non-PW weddings. Whether the poster is commenting on her own wedding or a wedding she attended or a completely random wedding found through google images, the same courtesies should apply.

Words can be very hurtful. Please be conscientious of the words you choose and how you choose to express yourself. It is much 'easier' to make a snarky comment online than it is in person, but I think a general courtesy should be this- if you wouldn't say it out loud to someone, don't type it either."

Read more here.

However we all need to remember that Project Wedding is a public forum, everyone here is entitled to their option. When you start a new thread you are opening your topic to support and criticism, please be ready to handle all types of comments. 


Q: Do you have an awesome idea or question? 

A: You can PM any of the PW hostesses with a question or idea that can make PW better and we will pass it on to the right person! PW hostesses are a great resource for information. If we dont know something, we will point you in the right direction.


Q: Ever wondered who is updating their bio, what's on the boards, or recent news?

A: Use the whats new feature. This is located on the MORE botton located on the top panel.


Q: What deals/sales are available here?

A: This is one of the latest awesome feature of PW that I love. The classifieds/deals sections are organized by FS/Wanted posts on dresses, decor, diy etc. If you are a budget bride or just looking for some deals to save $$$ this should be your favorite place to start looking.

Last Updated: September 16, 2009 at 12:23 am
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