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DIY Wedding Challenge: Budget Wedding Favors


Beautiful favors do not have to be expensive! Filling small cellophane bags with chocolate, bulk candy or cookies and a simple ribbon are all you need! To make them exactly like these you will need:


Small Cellophane Bags

Ribbon or strip of decorative fabric or trim

Bulk Candy, Cookies, Nuts, fruit (fresh cherries anyone?) etc. I used Whoppers for example.


Stamp and ink

Lace Punch (optional)

Hole Punch


1. Fill the cello bags only half way, you need room to tie them shut!

2. Cut cardstock to size, mine is cut 1 inch by 2.5 inches

3. Lace punch the edges, these punches are readily available at craft stores and even a scalloped edge made with decorative scissors would look nice!

4. Stamp your message, name, design of your choice onto the labels. If you don't find a stamp you like, you can still print the cardstock from your computer and cut to size!

5. Hole punch one edge

6. Finish by tying a double knot, one to secure the cello bag, one to secure the tag!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:41 am
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