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Color Palette Inspiration Contest: Room to Wedding



I love this room because its soft, approachable color palette reminds me of my first real New York City apartment, without roommates or parents, on the Upper West side and the way the grey winter sunlight used to filter through my windows while I soaked up the heat of my pre-war radiator. I love it, also I'm reminded of my present existence where I've been craving gorgeous aubusson embroideries of all types. Because this photo mirrored a lot of the colors often found in a stereotypical aubusson, I had to pick it. Anyways, I stylized this wedding inspiration to be a February or March wedding where there is still snow on the ground but its still a wedding at home, if your family home happens to be a prewar townhouse on the Upper East Side... I wanted something that hearkened back to the late Victorian era with celadon, mauve/light pinks, grey and cream with a hint of yellow from the painting.

Florals - I think, colors aside, the soft textures compliment the fabrics used and pick up the color variations in that braided rug. The bursts of yellow reflect the lovely painting above the mantle.

Cake is from Martha Stewart in her "Slice of Heaven" Photo slideshow - I love this color because it reflects the frame of the fireplace screen. I would imagine it to be a pistachio buttercream. I also like how it reflects the sensibilities of the room, with form but not so much form that it requires a fondant. It still is very easy and soft, melt-in-you-mouth sort of realism. I find some modern cakes are too firm, too sharp looking. This has a sweet, approachable shape in its piped decoration.

The tower of champagne is so romantic in the coupes, also from Martha Stewart but in the "Return to Glamour" slide show

Winter in NYC photos

Martha Stewart butterfly place cards with a table of celadon napkins, its strange to use a pale pink butterfly for a winter wedding but I love how it reminds you of the spring yet to come and how marriage is only the start of a season promising, beautiful things. In the "Pastel" wedding slideshow

Albert Bierstadt stamps are just beautiful and reflect the soft, sweet mood, sourced from the USPS

My hobby is calligraphy so naturally I think the best invite is one you've written, the second best is this gorgeous letterpress by Bella Figura which has just beautiful invitations.

I love the idea of a little non-bridesmaid, bridesmaid dress. I love this soft and sweet yet polished Robert Rodriguez Tweed Flower Dress, available at Saks, I think it reflects the wall color nicely but with a little texture to mirror the rug

I love this wedding dress, I know its so over the top and "meringue" like (to use a "Four Weddings and a Funeral," reference) but the fabric reminds me of soft snow with a homespun, debutante ball flair. The fitted bodice ensures no one is lost in the profusion of airy fabric, I think its just incredible. The dress is by Oscar de la Renta and is photographed by "Elegant Bride" in a feature I immediately tore out and sent to my photographer as examples of what I wanted for my wedding portraits.

At our September '08 wedding we're giving copies of my favorite play as a favor - "Ideal Husband" by Oscar Wilde but I must admit the cover decor goes much better with this wedding than my own! Cover image from Dover Thrift Publications

The green in the fireplace reminded me of the gorgeous pale green seen in Beryl stones, hence this lovely (albeit slightly lighter in color than most beryls) ring from Neiman Marcus. I think this pale pale green reflects the washed out nature of the fabrics used in the room yet that gold is shocking, again like the painting so aptly chosen.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm
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