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DIY Wedding Challenge: Lacey Luminarias, Affordable Decor


This idea originally appears in another publisher but the added use of colored vellum casts a glow in your wedding day colors that creates budget friendly ambiance!


Paper Square Doilies

Colored Vellum


Tea light

Clear Glue Stick


1. Glue four doilies in a row on the vellum, leaving enough space between each for a crease and an added 1 inch portion on the end.

2. Cut around all doilies to get a long strip of them together

3. Fold a crease between each doilie and after the last one creating that 1 inch lip

4. Glue together to create a box

5. Set a tea light inside and enjoy! Make sure you use it indoors, a breeze could post a fire hazard. And be sure that all candles are contained to prevent fire.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:59 am
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