DIY Wedding Challenge: Peacock Hairpins


It is no wonder that the peacock may be a natural choice for a wedding theme as the symbol of Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage. Make your own hairpins to add to a theme for just as a small personal, something blue that is totally unique!


Peacock feathers

Black thread

Bobby pins

Hot glue and glue gun



1. Trim the peacock feathers to size

2. Hot glue one or two to a bobby pin, being very careful not to burn yourself or use too much glue. You just want a dot on the outside edge of one side of the pin.

3. Use the black thread over the glue, before it has cooled, to secure the feathers into place by wrapping it around the pin several times over. I prefer to thread it through and wrap around so it is more secure than wrapping around both legs of the pin.


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:57 am
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