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DIY Wedding Challenge: Lime & Faux Flower Centerpiece


I fell in love with centerpieces that used limes, but the cost of fresh flower centerpieces with limes seemed outrageous from the florists. I didn't want to have to put everything together the day of using fresh flowers, so instead I committed to just the limes--I am doing faux flowers for the rest.


  • Hydrangea - I got mine from

  • Salmon baby's breath - It doesn't really look like baby's breath, but it's got gorgeous color and I got it from on clearance

  • Yellow stem roses (3 per centerpiece) - from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft

  • Floral styrofoam - I got mine in bulk that we will cut from the Flower Factory

  • 5 X 5 X 5 glass vase cubes - Again, from Flower Factory

  • Limes (estimated at 2 - 3 per centerpiece)

1) Cut the stems with heavy wire cutters. Leave enough length until you know what the best length will be to keep it secure in the foam and leave enough height.

2) Arrange flowers into the foam. I used the "leaves" from my hydrangeas to make a base for the arrangement. You may want to purchase some floral picks that have wire at the end so you can extend the length of these leaves and keep them secure. They run really cheap, I purchased mine at But this is all purely optional!

3) Leave your arrangments alone until right before your wedding! I tested and it appears that the limes will stay good for at least a day without treatment. Try putting preservative on them to keep them longer. Be warned: Don't put them in water unless you fully expect to put this all together the morning of because limes won't keep well in water. However, with faux flowers there is no need for water anyway.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm
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