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DIY Bridal Hoodie How To


What you will need:

  • 1 hoodie or shirt to put it on, it can be any style or color.  I chose to put it on a white long-sleeve hoodie.

  • HotFix Rhinestones – I used about 250 for my design, you can get these on Ebay in all different colors, mine are 8mm clear ones

  • Mylar Paper – I bought this off of Ebay as well

  • An Iron and ironing board

  • Tweezers

  • A 3 ring binder with a clear cover

  • A steady hand and time!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Decide what design you want on your hoodie.  I went with a simple monogram (the simpler it is the easier it will be…)

  2. Measure the back of your hoodie to find out how big to make the design; I made mine 7 inches across.

  3. Flip your design so it is would read right to left instead of left to right

  4. Print the design

  5. Slide the design into the front of your 3-ring notebook

  6. Cut a piece of Mylar paper just slightly larger than your design, don’t worry about cutting it into the shape of your design, a big rectangle will work

  7. Place the Mylar paper with the non-sticky side against the notebook and tape the corners down so it stays in place.

  8. Peel off the backing to the Mylar paper so the sticky part is exposed

  9. Start placing the HotFix Rhinestones onto the design, don’t worry about filling it in 100%, as long as you get most of it then it will turn out fine!  I started at one end of the design and worked my way in.  Make sure you place them with the backing side up (so the bling is facing the binder) This took me about 2 hours to do in front of the TV

  10. Once all the design is covered press on all the HotFix Rhinestones to make sure they are stuck on the paper.

  11. Find the center of your hoodie (or shirt) and place the design on it, press the Mylar paper down so that it is stuck to the hoodie.

  12. Flip the hoodie over on the ironing board so that the inside of the hoddie is facing up. 

  13. Place a hot iron on the hoodie where the design is.  I moved mine around (so it wouldn’t get too hot) the design for a few minutes and checked, a few stones were not attached so I put the iron back on for another few minutes.

  14. Once everything is ironed on you can pull back the Mylar paper and you have your own custom hoodie!

**I have been told that you can put this in the washer with all your other clothing and the Rhinestones will stay on, however I am either going to do a test on another piece of fabric or just hand wash the hoodie to make sure!**

Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help!

Last Updated: November 17, 2013 at 4:44 am
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