Light Up LED Table Cards


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Hi Ladies,

It's been some time since my hubby and I were married, but I thought I'd share his idea for LED table cards. We got a lot of compliments from our guests and I'm glad his hard work paid off. Here's are pics of them. He recently posted instructions on how to make them on:

Hope you like them!


Those are awesome...great job!!


That is really unique!! It is awesome :)


This is such a cute it


that's pretty cool!


I love this!


Cool!  Thanks for sharing!


How cute and unique!!!


that's sooo cool!  thanks for sharing!


This a cool idea. Especially for our NYE wedding. I am going to talk to my FI about it!




Those are awesome! You will definitely inspire some people with those! :-)


those are so cool!!


Those are really cool! Love that idea!


wow, i love it great job...


Those are cool lookin!


Great idea!  Those look great!


They are very pretty and VERY labor intensive!


Interesting... not loving them... but they are interesting...




oh my my those ROCK! fav find!


those are gorgeous and unique!  i love them!!

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