DIY Hand Drawn Map


Since it's so expensive to buy hand drawn maps, I figured I'd try to DIY it.  I made a few mock-ups tonight and I'm still not 100% happy.  I have a while to toy with it before I have to get them printed up.

Did anyone make their own hand drawn map?  If so, do you have any tips?


Oh and if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's an example:

example courtesy of Etsy


I did mine...I only have a really small pic though so sorry!


kwatt -- Did you draw it and color it on paper and then scan it to your computer?

Yes...I have gone back and re-colored the background since then so the green shows up better :)

Kwatt...can you write up a DIY step by step for us?

I'm with Tkclark, make an article out of it! I love the idea and it's def an inspiration :)

I'll do a step by just don't have enough time to do it thoroughly right now bc my wedding is on Friday...eee!!!! But I promise I will do one!

Ok so I finally had some time and I've written out some instructions that I hope are helpful to you ladies who were wanting to know!


How To: DIY Hand Drawn Wedding Map



White cardstock (or just something thicker and sturdier than normal print/copy paper)

Paint (acrylic or watercolor) & brushes or paint pens

Extra fine black Sharpie pen




-Think about the general space that you would like to cover on your map. (Think about major expressways you want to include, your important locations, tourist attractions, etc.)

-Draw a border line for each edge of the page. (I recommend doing everything in pencil first.) Make sure you leave enough space so that when you have your copies made nothing gets cut off.

-Draw in the major roads, such as expressways, that you want included on your map (They do not have to be drawn to scale or perfectly straight-it just needs to give a general idea of where these roads are located and which direction they go.)

-Make a list of all the important locations you want included. These may include ceremony and reception locations, rehearsal dinner location, hotels, tourist attractions, landmarks etc.) Put a light mark in pencil where these locations will be drawn on your map.

-Draw in the roads that will lead to and from these locations as well as the major roads that will take your guests from one location to another. (Every location does not necessarily need a road that goes to it, but I recommend that roads for your key wedding locations are on the map. You can exclude roads that lead to tourist attractions for example to ensure that your map doesn’t become too cluttered.)

-Draw in your key locations.

            TIPS for drawing these:

Look at pictures of what you’re trying to draw while you’re trying to draw it. It’s much easier to look at the picture instead of attempt to do it solely from memory.

Do not try and make your pictures 3D. The map is supposed to be cute and whimsical, not an exact replica of what each place looks like.

Not every location has to be a picture of the building. You could draw something symbolic to represent the location instead. For example, the airport could be suitcases, a hotel could be a bed.

-Draw in a compass to indicate N, S, E and W as well as “___name____ & ___name_____’s wedding map” where you still have space.

-Paint the colors in! Draw outlines and trace the roads with your black Sharpie.

-Optional: On the back of the map, you can also put additional information. On the back of ours, I gave our recommendations for restaurants, shopping and things to see. (I included addresses on these.) Instead of doing recommendations, you could give step by step directions to your wedding locations or an itinerary of wedding events.

-Make color copies to give to your guests!



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