DIY Wedding Challenge: Boarding Pass STDs or Invites w/Luggage Tag Favors

Boarding Passes

You can download the templates for this my Google Drive: 


My boarding passes that I sent to confirmed guests for our destination wedding in Kauai, about a month before the wedding....



I sent this and a customized luggage tag to my guests after they RSVP'd.



Mahalo to MauidAims for the luggage tag inspiration and the boarding pass template.



Fonts used:  Bonheur Royale, Maiandra CD, Arial, WMTrees1 and Hibiscus







 I found DIY Plastic ID Cards from Office Depot and made our luggage tags with them...
(we put each guests name on the back with clear address labels)


Here's how it all came together:


The Boarding Pass was all mailed in the Cloud Print Outer Envelope (which I found at Office Depot):















All of these items were found in the scrapbook sections of Michael's Craft Store and Target as well as paper section of Office Depot.



-Light colored cardstock (at least 80 lb. weight)



-Straight paper cutter/trimmer with a perforating blade as well as straight cut blade



-Scissors or Corner rounded punch (to round corners on the passes) optional



-24 lbs paper for the sleeve/pocket



-Computer with MSWord and color printer (unless you plan to print commercially)



-Stapler to connect each page of the pass (I used cute colored ones)



-Rubber cement (to glue down flap on sleeve) optional



- Inkjet ID cards (see above for details)



-Ribbon (for tags)



-Clear mailing labels (to customize the address on the tags and well as for mailing)






1. Using the boarding pass template(PM me you e-mail address if you'd like the template)  design you layout using fonts, colors and clip art that correspond with your theme.



2. Print on to cardstock



3. Cut each page of the pass out using the paper trimmer or scissors (one sheet gives you three passes).



4. Round corners with scissors or paper punch.



5. Perforate the right tab of each pass with the perforating blade (optional)



6. Stack passes on each other and staple to each other in the left side.



7.  Print outer sleeve/wrap and fold into thirds.  Trim left inside corner to expose passes when they're inserted.  Make a slit (optional) using scissors or straight cutter to expose the right side of the passes when inserted.  Slip passes into sleeve, slipping the right side through the slit.  You can use rubber cement to secure the top flap of the inner sleeve, if you like.



8.  Ready to mail!



9.  If you want to include luggage tags, design and print according to the packages included instructions.  String with ribbons and customize with the recipient's address by printing clear mailing labels and affixing to the backside of each tag. 


Last Updated: November 13, 2014 at 8:48 pm
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