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DIY Wedding Challenge: Customized Pages for a Photo Guest Book


For our destination wedding in Kauai we decided to do a polaroid guest book.  This could also work with digital photos or photobooth pics or no pics at all, depending upon how you design the layout.  This would also be cute for a shower or bachelorette party.

They were a hit at our small destination wedding in Kauai.

TIP: It helps to have a friend take the photos of your guest and mount them on the sheets so that the guest can just easily find their photo/page and sign away! 


-8.5x8.5 scrapbook


-paper trimmer

-computer and inkjet printer (or print at local print shop)

-pens for guests to use to sign the page (we had about 6 mini gel pens tied with a brown ribbon

-polaroid camera/film, digital photos or photobooth (optional)


These are the pages I designed in MSPublsiher for a 8.5"x8.5" Chocolate Linen Covered Scrapbook I bought at Target.  


I printed them on White Card Stock and cut them down to size with my Fiskars Paper Cutter.

Here's what it looks like all together....I found these cute mini-gel pens in blue at Office Depot and tied chocolate brown satin ribbons to them (they had holes on the cap)


This is the Linen Covered Scrapbook .  Not pictured: our circle monogram that was also used on our Palm Fans, mounted in the center of the basho lined cut-out window on the cover.


Here it is all finished in the hands of my best friend on our wedding day:






Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:47 am
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