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DIY Wedding Challenge: Embellished Palm Fans


We placed these palm fans along with our ceremony programs on each guest's seat.  


- Palm Fans (We bought the Medium Sized Natural Palm Fans at Bliss Wedding Market.)

-Satin ribbon (I used 1/4" wide in aqua to wrap the handle and 1/8" brown for the tie and to affix the monogram tag)

-Glue to secure wrapped ribbon around handle.  I used Elmer's Clear Glue, but you could also try a low temp glue gun.

-Monogram tag (I made ours with Sparkle Chocolate Card stock from Michael's Crafts punched with a 2" paper punch.  The monogram was printed on 1" circle labels purchased from Labels by the Sheet.)


1. Cut about an 18" length of 1/4" ribbon for the handle wrap.  Using a dab of glue secure end of ribbon to base of handle.  Holding the ribbon taut wrap it around and around the handle, careful to overlap slightly, until the entire handle is covered.  Glue the loose end down at the base (you can tuck it under one of the loops for a finished look).

2. To embellish the handle further....Tie a 6" length of 1/8" inch contrasting ribbon in a square knot or bow to finish the look of the handle (optional).  Or hot glue a seashell or faux orchid or other bloom at the handle's base.

3.  Affix monogram label by threading a 3" length of 1/8" ribbon through the loop of the handle and where it creates a small slit in the fan.  Sandwich the ribbon's ends between the monogram sticker and backing card circle.

Here's how ours turned out:


Here's the monogram I created in MSPublisher and used on the Palm Fan's Circle Hang Tag (which I printed on a circle sticker and stuck onto a choclate brown sparkle cardstock):

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:58 am
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