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Wedding Menus


While wedding menu cards are not a required part of your wedding stationary, they can be an easy, creative and inexpensive addition to your wedding. A wedding menu takes the mystery out of "What's for dinner? " and by having a menu card at the table it doubles as additional decor, and is also another unique opportunity to extend your creativity! If you have ruled out sit down wedding menu cards as too expensive, time consuming or difficult, read on for some suggestions which might have you reconsidering.

Incorporate your menu cards into your table top decorations. Use a florist pick and place a double-sided menu card among your floral arrangdments to add impact to your decorations for a garden wedding. Place a seasonally motifed menu on top of cornucopias, fresh petite wreaths, or birds nests filled with wedding favors for a Fall, Winter and Spring weddings. If you are having a buffet-style dinner, consider small cards placed on small silver trays placed at the buffet tables identifying each dish. Highlight the tones and flavors of different dishes and explain their histories.

Individual menus can add place setting detail for each guest. Folded heavy weight linen papers centered in each plate will give guests a chance to preview the menu and prepare their appetite for your formal wedding. Tie up rolled menus like wedding crackers with ribbon for Holiday themed weddings. Change to raffia for a county wedding or switch to lace ribbon for your Victorian wedding or add an appropriate charm like a sandollar you can collect your self for beach weddings. Ask your venue for napkin holders or use paper bands personalized with your names and the date. 

A traditional size for a wedding menu card is 5 x 7 inches, but skinny, vertical menus are popular, too. These generally run about 4 by 9 inches and fit perfectly in a folded napkin. Ask your venue first how they plan to set your place settings before you begin.

When looking for printers for your wedding menus, if you do not have access to a reputable stationers or design studio such as The Write Touch, you can use a word-processing program such as Word on your home computer to make your menus. There also are wedding menu templates available online for purchase or consider websites like Esty where custom menus can be purchased fairly inexpensively. If you have downloaded clip art for use on your invitations and wedding programs, certainly make use of it for your wedding card menus, as well. 

Thick card stock, in white or ecru, is the most traditional choice. I like to use a 110 lb paper. It gives a wonderful weight to the menu. You local stationers should have this or visit one of the office supply stores. You can use colored paper but your ink colors are limited to dark colors. I prefer to embellish menus using colored ink, and or motifs but choose a look you're comfortable with. If your particularly computer savvy set your menus to print two to a page (your local printer should always offer to do the same), it's saves paper and money! Simply cut them down to size. 

On the top of the wedding menu, the couple's first names are generally printed in large lettering, followed by the last name(s) in smaller print. The last name(s) are sometimes omitted altogether. Under the names, you can print the date, or you can title the entire card simply, Menu.

The courses follow, starting with the appetizer, then the salad, entree(s) and dessert. A note of what each item consists of should be included under a heading for the name of the dish. Remember is best to keep the descriptions thorough but brief. A list of beverages offered is helpful but not necessary, and whether there is a host or no-host bar, should never be added either before or after the course list. Display each wedding card menu in a decorative frame if your budget allows and encourage your guests to take the frames home as a memorable wedding favor r simply place them at each place setting.



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