DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: DIY Card Box



Here are the instructions for my DIY cardbox.  It is also available in my bio.  Have fun and good luck! :)

DIY Instructions:
(I've never done instructions before so I apologize in advance if they are not good or if it doesn't make sense!  I was sort of making it up as I went along, too.  LOL.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!)


3 boxes in the sizes you want - I just used old gift boxes that I had.  The bottom two are Coach boxes and the top one is a small shoe box.  Stack them up together to make sure they are the right proportion to each other.

About 2-3 yards of fabric (depending on the size of your boxes) -   I used a black shiny polyester fabric for the small and large box.  For the middle, I used a shiny damask fabric.  Make sure that the texture of your fabrics match (for example they should all be shiny or all cotton/matte), unless of course you want to mix up the textures which is fine too.

Ribbon - the one I used is about 1 inch thick, but you can always use thicker ribbon too.

Brooch - I purchased mine from

Glue - you can use a hot glue gun.  I used hot glue for two of the boxes.  Then I switched to glue dots (it is less mess but you need to use a lot of them).

Scissors or Razorblade



1. Place your medium box on top of the lid of your large box, centered, and trace the outline of the middle box on there with a pen/pencil.  Then, take a ruler and draw in a box inside the outline about 1.5 inches smaller than the outline on each side.  (This is to make sure that the middle box has something to stick to instead of falling in.  Hope that makes sense!)

2. Cut out the smaller outline that you drew on the lid.  Easiest way is to cut an X into the rectangle/square and then cut off the sides.

3. Take the bottom half of your medium box and turn it upside down.  Take your large lid that you just cut and center it over the bottom of your medium box.  Trace along the cutout.  Then cut out the outline.  Now when you stack them middle and the large box, cards will be able to fall down into the large box.

4. Cut out a card slot in the middle box.  Figure out which side is going to be the front of the card box when you stack them.  Put the lid back on the box (to make sure the slot won't be covered by the lid). Trace an outline of the slot into the middle of the front of the cardbox and cut it out with a razorblade. Make sure the slot is big enough to fit cards through!!!

5. Wrap your large box.  This is basically like wrapping present, except you are wrapping the box and the lid separately.  Place the box on your fabric to see how much fabric you need.  Cut the fabric to the correct size.  If your fabric is patterned, make sure you center the box on the pattern the way you want it.  Fold up the fabric into the box and glue it on the inside.  I recommend gluing down one side first, then the opposite side, then same thing with the other two side.  Make sure you pull the fabric very tight against the box when you are glueing it down, otherwise it will look loose and wrinkly.   Wrap the lid the same way.

6. Wrap your middle box the same way as your large box.  After you finish wrapping, cut an X into the bottom part of the box where the hole is.  Fold the fabric flaps into the box and glue them down, again pulling the fabric tight.  Then cut a slit into the fabric where the card slot is.  Fold the fabric into the slot, pull it tight, and glue it down. 

7. Wrap your small box the same way as your large box.  (This box is just for decoration so no cutting needed.  You can even remove this box if you just want to have 2 tiers).

8. Now all your wrapping is done.  Stack the boxes on top of each other the way you want (make sure none of the cutout parts are showing between your large and middle boxes).  Glue the boxes together.  I used glue dots for this. 

9. Take your ribbon and glue it on the inside of the bottom of your card slot (I used 2 glue dots for this).  Make sure it's centered.  Wrap the ribbon around to the bottom of the box all the way back to the top of the card slot.  Make sure the ribbon isn't twisted and it's centered along the whole box.  Glue the other end of the ribbon to the inside of the top center of the card slot, making sure it's centered with the bottom ribbon. 

10. Take another piece of ribbon and wrap it around the other two sides of the box.  Tie a bow at the top.

11. Pin on your brooch.  Or you can also tie on a diamond ring paperweight or whatever else you'd like to use for decoration.

12.  Enjoy your beautiful card box!

Hope this was somewhat helpful!  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need help!

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