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DIY Groom and Dress Hanger


Hangers for the big day is a way to add style to your pictures.  You can really customize them with your wedding colors, different types of lettering, and charms. They are super super easy to make so I made one for my FI as well.


Here is what you’ll need:


¨     Acrylic paint (michaels $2.00)

¨     Wood hanger (discount store tjmaxx)

     *Slotted for bride regular for groom

¨     Wood letters (michaels .39 ea)

¨     Paint Brush/ sponge (michaels 1.50

¨     Charm (michaels $5.00)  

¨     Hot glue gun (michaels $3.00)



1.       I started by painting the letters black.

2.     Once the black paint was dry I used a rubber stamp and put some white paint on it.  Using a corder I added some design to the letters

3.     Let it dry overnight

4.     Heat up the hot glue gun and place the middle initial in the center of the hanger making sure that its even (its really hard to remove once the hot glue has dryed)

5.     Place the other letters on the sides of the middle initial.

6.    Figure out where to place your charm.  Be sure to make a point and try hanging it up before you glue it on.  Make sure there is enough space for the rod to fit between the charm and the hanger


See simple and not a lot of work.  Just a lot of drying time.


Here is my finished product:

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:49 am
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