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DIY Wedding Challenge - Save the Dates


After exploring the options online and in catalogs I decided against all options and take on the task of making my own Save-The-Dates.  I had some inspiration from a few pieces I like but it was mostly an idea sparked from my scrap booker’s mind.

I used my newly bought Adobe Illustrator to create the main portions of the Save the Dates.  I drew a map of the region around the small town where the wedding will be and included a few other highlights.  The map was the back of the Travel Arrangements' card containing information on hotels, travel plans, airports, and useful websites.



I also used Illustrator to design my address labels.  I wanted them simple and reflect the Save the Date, so I used the same font - Marker Felt.  They turned out well on the brown envelope.  I liked the new Abe Lincoln stamps so much and they really complemented the brown envelopes.

When opening the envelope, the first piece you see is the Save the Date and behind it is the Travel Arrangements’ card.  The Save the Date was designed with simple lines on Illustrator with enough room for my die cut numbers.  Our wedding date is 09-26-09, so I cut enough numbers to make all 75 Save The Dates.  With the complementing mismatched paper I created a little foreshadowing of the wedding.  I plan on many more fabrics, textures, and designs to be carried throughout the wedding.  Some of those are the men's ties and dinner napkins.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm
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