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DIY Wedding Challenge - Lucky Bamboo Favors


The Lucky Bamboo favors were a huge hit at my wedding reception! These were inexpensive and easy to make! Not only did guests get to experience a little bit of culture but they also got to take it home with them too! These favors are not only symbolic to your friends and family but it is something they can have with the memory of your wedding that will last a lifetime!

100 4" inch stalks = $55 (includes tube)
Ribbon spool = $0.60
Paper = $10 (100 sheets)
Sticker paper = $25
Total Investment about $85.60 for 100 favors!

Will also need computer and printer.

Step 1 - Order the bamboo 4"
You can find many websites that will sell bamboo in bulk. We bought them from They let you choose the date you want them shipped so they don't spend too much time sitting around.

Step 2 - Print out labels on the sticker paper with the description of the Lucky Bamboo. I did some research on different sites and came up with this.

"The Lucky Bamboo is luckiest when you recieve it as a gift. It symbolizes luck and sucess. people believe that it will bring good luck, good fortune, and prosperity to the house, business and the people they love. It is believed that bamboo will activate stagnate energy where it is placed. A single lucky bamboo shoot symbolizes simplicity and innocence."

Print another group of labels for the backside of the card that will give guests directions on how to take care of the plant. Mine read:

"Caring for bamboo plants is very easy. They are grown in a few inches of clear water, perhaps supported by small pebbles, stones or marbles. Keep water fresh by changing it every week. Lucky Bamboo prefers plenty of indirect sunlight and room temperature. It can be transferred to a vase or pot 2" larger than the original, or planted permanently into a loose sand or soil mixture that provides lots of bottom drainage."

Step 3 - Cut out the labels and stick them onto colored paper rectangles about a quarter of an inch thicker than the stickers.

Step 4 - Punch holes in the corner and string the ribbon through tie securely.

Step 5 - Fill the tube 1" of water and stick the bamboo stalk into the test tube.

Step 6 - Tie the Lucky Bamboo message to the bamboo tube.

And you are finished!

These look great already placed on the tables, or you can have them all laid out on a table where guests may have their names on them instead of seating cards.



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:40 pm
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