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What a cute way to end your perfect day!  Have your guests wave wands with good wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.!


Materials needed:

*Some type of strong string (ie. kite  string, fish line...  Forgive me, I don't know what I got LOL.. Plastic string??)

*Something to tie the string to the ends (ie. beads with holes, mini bells, etc.)

*Ribbon, of course!! (I am doing all different colors for a "rainbow affect" instead of just my wedding colors.  But, most do their colors only)

*Balloon Straws


*Hot Glue/Super Glue (optional)

Step One:

Feed the string through the straw all the way till it peaks out.  DO NOT CUT YET!!


Step Two:

Bunch ribbon together.  Sometimes I even twist the center so it's more together

(I cut each ribbon to about 50 inches long.  I make 5 ribbons per wand.  Once it's folded over, it looks like 10 :D)


Step Three:

Tie the string to the bunch of ribbon and tie a knot.  I also make a double knot for more security.




Step Four:


You should have extra string hanging from the knot.  Instead of snipping it, fold it into the straw and pull the bottom of the string (opposite of the ribbon) so it is tight and snug.


Step Five:

Give yourself a few inches of string on the bottom and snip it.

Take a bead and feed the string though. 

Loop the string on the outside of the bead and insert it through the center again.

Do this one more time and PULL till it is tight and secure.  (This is where the glue comes in handy.  If it is not tight enough or you want more security, take a dot of glue and dab each ends of the straw to the materials for more sturdiness.)



**TA-DA!!  You made your first wedding wand!!**

If you want, add a tag to fancy it up and give instructions for your guests :D

(I really, really have to apologize here b/c the photos are bad quality...  But, it's all I have to work with!! :D)


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:11 am
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