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I Love You - Now Go Make Me A Sammich


Hello everyone.  3 guesses as who this is. haha

I feel like I'm interrupting a secret club but I agreed to write my side of things and as she always tells me a happy life equals a happy wife.

I met some of you at the last cult meeting haha you held over the holidays and was relieved to see Kristine's husband there along with 2 other fellow manly men, who I imagine were only there for the booze? haha 

I do know how much fun my BBG is having here planning our wedding. so to those of you who have helped her out when i was too lazy to even listen, thank you.  you saved me tens of minutes of looking at different letters in swirls and listening to the monologue about how some paper will not be ok for the laser printer or something.

And I don't mean that disrespectfully, I just mean that as long as I marry the love of my life, it does not really matter to me what different flowers are on the table tops or what veil matches the shiny things on her dress.

So my BBG asked me to write down the 3 things that I remember that we had the most talks about and why I was absent minded about the 3 things.  I guess I don'y really get why these things are so important to her, but I'm just going to go with whatever she says, because I know that for the rest of my life, she's the only one I want to be making me a sandwich while i watch wrestling, baseball, football, ESPN, ESPN Claiissic, boxing, ulitmate fighting, basketball, and more wrestling.  Please tell her it's not fake. haha. she just told me it was fake again. haha

One- flowers. I know girls like flowers but I didnt want to spend so much on them because they die and I don't see the point of spending so much money on somethig that will die by tomorrow or the day after.  When I suggested we just do fake flowers, man, I didn't know those were fighting words. haha  I don't know anything about flowers except to order them for BBG's birthday and mother's day. I went to the meeting with the floral lady and it was like a totally different language. All I saw was white flowers with green stems. but what ever makes my BBG happy, I will roll with. 

two - feeding our friends. The first time I had a lot of people on my side of the list.When ever she would tell me to cut people off, I would not listen and just wanted to do it may way like my boy Frank Sinatra. haha I guess she had it with me because one day, she was yelling about it and said she was going to give me the checkbook and all the information and told me to take care of it. I know she was extra mad because she didn't talk to me for a whole day.That is how i knew she was angry and annoyed with me. In the end, I took a lot of people off my list and now everything is better and I think it will be better because a lot of the peiple I had I haven't talked to or played ball with since last year or even longer than a year.

three -the lettering for everything. i don't get it. One day she emailed me 2 different samples of what our invitations were supposed to look like. She asked me which one I liked better. But they looked the same. Wrong answer. So I just picked one and told her I liked it.

For girls who have boyfriends who don't really have an opinion, give the guy a break. it isn't that he does not care but really, he just doens't care. haha. From this point of view all they want is to spend the rest of their life with you, that's why we ask you to marry us because we love you and we know that you are the best thing that ever happened to us. and We know that you ar going to do what you want, so that is why we say "whatever you want" when you ask us questions.





ok now the bride's version:

yes, it's true - all pretty things are important to me - not remotely AS important as the vows we take and the life we carve out for ourselves, but i still want it to look nice and photograph well. can you blame me? ;-)

so for my 3 things that stick out... here we go:

(1) budget: dude really did you expect us to feed and offer open bar to 400 people for anything less than 80 grand??  i dont know if hearing the catering manager tell us "the number" was just a number to you w/o thinking about the blood, sweat and tears it would take to make that money b/c i told you from jump street we were not dipping into our savings;  i think you were just so engrossed in throwing the party of the year that you lost sight of the fact that we were inviting people who you hadnt seen in years;  now that we've moved beyond this - i'm so glad to know that we will not be having 400 people - some of whom we havent seen in years - and those who just wanted a free meal and booze anyway...

(2) the look & vibe:  this was important to me b/c this is the first party we are hosting as man & wife and i needed it to reflect us as a couple - our style, our individuality, our taste in music, etc...  i dont know what we would be "classified" as - i think we're in a league of our own and that needed to show BUT needed to be within a budget. this is where the creativity and madness begins.  yes i understand - men arent into all the different kinds of flowers - his eyes glazed over - but whether we recognize it or not - certain flowers & colors have a way conveying a certain image. when i say image, i dont mean it in the "i care what people will think" way - i mean it in the "this is the vibe we want" way.   most guys dont care - and even some girls think that flowers are not a big deal - but my truth is -  fresh flowers are the "curb appeal" of a wedding.  we may not initially recognize why the event FEELS like it does - but i am certain it is the look and style of the floral arrangements and color palette - of course, most inmportant is the love in the air, but on a purely aesthetic basis, fresh flowers and uplighting were key in achieving this...   and when done right - both exude just enough color to spice it up while being so subtle that it's not "too much"...

(3) the right vendors for us:  he probably doesnt remember the convos we had about why i had to have certain vendors - but it was key that we chose people who "got" our sense of humor, understood what we needed and recognized what we wanted.  


wedding planning from my point of view has been mostly fun, sometimes stressful, but always a blessing b/c at the end - i will be married to my fave person on the planet - and what's better than that??

so yes, i get it - guys arent into wedding planning - truth be told - i was never one of those girls who dreamed about it and obsessed about it, i was more concerned with my career...but now that we're 4 months away - i think i'm going to miss planning - maybe we can move on to planning the nursery and pitter patter of little feet ;-)

so for the new ladies-- a bit of advice:
do not take it personally when he says "uh - whatever you want" b/c you know what? they dont care really - all they want is to marry us - all the other stuff to them is "just stuff"...  and in the end - dont we do what we want anyway? haha




Last Updated: April 20, 2009 at 7:19 pm
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