Budget Savvy Bride: Saving here and there


How to save on your wedding day!

Stay on budget-The most basic thing to do is sit down with your beloved and ask yourselves what can you afford, not with anyone’s help because you never know what might happen, and stick with that budget!

Choose wisely- choosing your date, keep in mind that certain months are cheaper overall. We’re having a fall wedding and getting discounts left to right. It helps when you ask for military discount too. That brings me to the next tip.

Just ask- Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts too since the worst thing they can do is just say no.

Get rid of it-Talk with the love of your life and ask what is important to you both. Then CUT, CUT, AND CUT AWAY because lets be honest, not everyone likes to follow tradition.

  • We really want an intimate affair with our loved ones and not our great uncle who we haven’t seen in 5 years. So our original guest list of 100 dropped to half. Food alone is $70 per person. So we saved at least $3500.

  • We don’t want a DJ since our family and friends don’t dance. Instead we’ll be throwing an after party at our hotel room instead and use the Ipod for both the reception and after it. Average price of a DJ is 1k.

  • It would be awesome to have a professional videographer but we already decided photography was more important and our aunt’s video camera would be sufficient. Average price for a videographer is 2k.

  • A coordinator isn’t necessary for such a small wedding. Average price is $700 and up

  • We don’t care what care we drove in. Our Honda Civic is fine with us.

Total savings of at least: $7200

Enter those contests- Anything free is good for the wallet!

  • We won save the dates from Style Me Pretty

  • an engagement session from our photographer

  • a fashion wedding book from Style Me Pretty

  • a $250 gift card for William Sonoma from Classic Bride

  • a cute duck apron from jaryce21

Total savings of at least: $740

Go to those bridal shows- you might not only get countless emails later on, you’ll be able to enter more contests and get crazy deals.

  • I went to the Rock Hard Hotel bridal show and got a free make up trial and hair trial.

  • I also happened to find the perfect vendor for our vegan cake and they offered to deliver for free and take 20% off!

Total savings of: $150

Try looking into a restaurant for a venue- We called hundreds of places before we were struck with an ingenious idea. (I would just like to add that I came up with it) Why not ask if we could have our reception at our favorite restaurant? And better than simply saying yes, they offered us their beautiful ocean view room of downtown, linens, wooden chairs, and the best steak in San Diego for $4000.

Savings of at least $1000since we don’t have to worry about decorating or renting out anything like uplights.

Check out the online sales and deals, pre owned items, and thrift stores

  • I love haute bride jewelry but I can never justify buying them at full retail price. So I waited for the online sample sale and pounced! Originally the earrings I wanted were $175 but then it was marked down 70% off and then I scoured around and found a 15% off discount too. So the total amount I bought the earrings of my dreams was $50.

  • We bought this vintage chalkboard at a thrift store for $5 and it usually retails for $30 and more.

  • Went to the farmers market and came back with the perfect handmade headpiece for only $15 which would normally cost at a retail store for $150!

Savings of at least: $285

Rent instead of own

  • Well I fell in love with the Vera Wang Audrey but it cost $15,000. I found some pre owned ones but the lowest price was 5k. Um excuse me, that’s my whole budget for the wedding all together! So I decided why not rent? As much as I would love to own it, it’s not very practical if I do especially since I’ll only be wearing it for one day. I’m pretty sure styles will change when my daughter grows up and I know how hard it is to sell a gown. I’m renting the dress and veil for $800 and they even included to do the alterations for free!

Savings of at least: $4200

Borrow from your loved ones- They won’t mind! I think…

  • Instead of buying huge loads of old vintage books, we asked all our friends, colleagues, and family members to let us borrow their used books.

  • We also asked to use their Christmas lights.

  • We’re even borrowing their talents. My maid of honor’s sister will be strumming her guitar as we walk down the aisle. I know the average live musician would charge us $200 just for the ceremony!

Savings of at least: $300

Don’t be afraid of up and coming vendors

  • I was following this photographer for a long time but she didn’t do weddings. One day she posted on her blog that she going to start and I was so excited, I fell off my chair! She did our engagement shoot for free and oh my freaking goodness were they good! We booked her in a heartbeat and for 8 hours, cd of all the pictures, travel expenses, and a boudoir session; we’re only paying $800. The price also includes tax! She just raised her prices and are charging $2,000 for the lowest package!

Savings of at least: $1200

DIY (do it yourself) like crazy!

  • Floral- I’m taking free floral classes at a local florist shop so I can do the centerpieces and bouquets. I did a sample of both and the centerpiece cost me a total of $30 each (the flowers, rocks, and base) and $25 for the bouquet. The lowest price I’ve been quoted from florists was $70 for each centerpiece and $80 for a bouquet.

  • Paper- I’ll be making our invitations, directions, menus, and signs all for the price of the paper and stamps (about $100) rather than have someone else do it for 3 times that price

Savings of at least: $655

So with everything we did, we saved at the very least $15,730 so far. Whew! I hope we inspired a bride out there and helped them save a buck or two! ;]

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:08 am
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