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DIY Wedding Challenge: Cake Topper


A friend of mine fell in love with a very talented Etsy seller's bird cake topper.  While her work is absolutely amazing, she simply couldn't afford the price of a $120 for a cake topper.  So, I offered to make something similar for her utilizing slightly different materials. 

Materials: (From Michael's unless otherwise noted.)

  • Cardboard from a box I had laying about at home

  • Black Sharpie

  • Scraps of white taffeta I had left over from a previous project

  • White lace ribbon with mini pearls sewn down the middle.

  • White circular tulle (the kind you use to package favors)

  • 2 Styrofoam hen's eggs

  • 2 small Styrofoam balls

  • 2 sheets of white felt

  • 1 sheet of black felt

  • Brown floral tape

  • Copper ribbon

  • Black beads

  • Ivory beads

  • Small porcelain roses

  • Small pre-made wreath with ivory and copper colored blooms

  • Copper colored beads in various sizes

  • Bronze colored beads

  • Small copper colored beading wire

  • Mini rose leaves

  • 20 Gauge copper wire

  • Hot glue

  • Tacky Glue

  • Copper colored paint


  • Scissors

  • Drinking glass or some other circular object.

  • Glue gun.

  • Small paint brush.


1. To create the base, use your drinking glass to trace a circle on your cardboard box.  Then carefully cut out with the scissors.  I ended up using three layers of cardboard to get the correct thickness.  Then cover in your white taffeta fabric and edge with ribbon.  Base was then surrounded by the pre-made wreath to create a kind of nest effect.  However, I did not attach the two together just in case the top of the cake was too small to accommodate both together.

2. For the bride's mini bouquet, I created something in her colors, which were copper.  

Center of the bouquet was a small spray pirated from the pre-made wreath.  I then hand painted three porcelain roses in copper and added those.  In addition, I hand beaded some of the flowers creating three groups containing one larger copper beaded flower, two smaller ivory beaded flowers and two smaller bronze beaded flowers.  To add some more texture, I simulated mini curly willow tips by covering more wire in brown floral tape and shaping as I desired.  Flowers were alternated around the main spray.  It was then surrounded in small rose leaves.

Base was then wrapped in brown floral tape, and decorated with copper ribbon which I cut down to be the right thickness.  Small ivory beads were glued at the cross sections to simulate the heads of small ivory pins.



3. For the girl.  Cover the hen egg in white felt for the body.  Then cover the ball in felt for the head.  Attach the two together. Wings and tail were cut from felt and attached at the sides and back.  20 gauge copper wire was twisted together to form legs for the bird.  Three small black beads were used to create eyes.  Beak was cut from white felt and then painted in a copper color.  

The veil is a simple circle of tulle.  I took the lace ribbon, carefully removed the pearl strand and then cut the lace in half and edged the tulle with the half lace ribbon.  circle was then folded in half to look like a veil and a small piece of ribbon was glued on top to create the head band.  Another porcelain rose was painted copper and added to the side of the veil.

The left over strand of pearls from my deconstructing of the ribbon mentioned above was attached to create the look of a pearl necklace for the bride.


4. For the boy, body was constructed same as above. Wings and tail were from black felt.  Body was from white, and then a black sharpie was used to color in where I wanted it to be black instead of white.

The hat was a long strip of black felt rolled up to the thickness I wanted the top hat to be.  A small black circle was then cut out to create the brim.

The bout it another porcelain rose painted copper with some leaves taken from the pre-made wreath.

5. Everything was then arranged onto the base as I desired, and then glued in place and left for several hours to dry.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:54 pm
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