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DIY Wedding Challenge: Chocolate Aisle Runner



I was inspired by "Jo Gartin's Weddings: An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride."  I loved the look of her bamboo curtain aisle runner.  The texture was great, but I was not so in love with the cost, and so sought another way to make my own version.


  • Brown Curtain Panels from IKEA

  • Textured fabric for the sides, purchased from JoAnnes.  (Leftovers were used to wrap around the gazebo and pin flowers to it.)

  • 5'6" of PVC Pipe

  • Orange Satin Ribbon

  • Velcro strips.

  • Chocolate paint

  • Thin black elastic

  • 4 Tent Stakes


  • Scissors

  • Glue Gun and LOTS of Glue Sticks

  • Needle and thread

Original concept of the aisle runner is below.  The fabric on each side measuring 6" across.  The panel curtain is 2' across.  Rose petals which were to be scattered by the flower girl were also purchased at IKEA of all places.  So, total aisle runner would be approximately 3' across.

Of course, THEN I went to the actual location to measure things out.  When we signed our contract, the venue was under construction, and this was our first time being able to see the new location.  That's when I got to measuring and figured a few things out.  1-The walkway was 6ft wide.  I felt that if the runner was only half the width, it might look silly, plus I wanted two people to easily walk on it side by side.  2- the walkway was crazy long... 80' total, which was A LOT of fabric. 

So, I opted to increase my width to 5' across by doubling the curtain panels, but shorten the length of my aisle runner so it began at the alter and went past the guests, but ended under the second flower arch.

Oh, and one other slight complication... my sewing machine broke!  Wouldn't you know it?  Hot glue works just as well for connecting two pieces of fabric together, especially since it as for a one time thing.


  1. Brown IKEA curtain panels were glued together to run two panels wide, and then as long as we wanted our runner to go.

  2. We took the printed fabric for the sides and cut them into strips measuring 6.5" in width.  One side was hemmed with glue and the other side carefully to the panel concoction.  (This was much like putting a puzzle together.)  Actual aisle runner finally measured 5' across.

  3. Once the thing was created, I also hand sewed long loops of black elastic to each of the four corners of the aisle runner.  The loops stretched over the tent stakes which were near the walkway in the ground to help keep the runner from moving about as people walked on it, or when my train went over it.

  4. 5'6" PVC pipe was painted with chocolate brown paint an allowed to dry.

  5. After the paint dried, I affixed the rough side of a large strip of Velcro to the pole

  6. The soft strip of Velcro was attached to the end of the aisle runner.  This way the pole was attached to the fabric for easy unrolling process, but could also be removed from the runner after it was unveiled.

  7. Aisle concoction was attached to the pole with the Velcro and carefully rolled up.  I then ran a long satin ribbon through the PVC pipe and tied the ends together to create a handle for the usher to grab onto to unroll the runner.

And lo and behold!  Ready for action.

The front end of the runner did come apart slightly, but other than that it worked out fine.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:53 pm
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