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DIY Wedding Challenge: Hot Pink Floral Centerpieces


For a friend, I co-hosted a bridal shower at our home with the theme of a tea-party.  I wanted the colors bright and fun and of course no girly tea party is complete without flowers.  These centerpieces were fun and easy to make and great prizes to give away to folks who won shower games.


  • Two metal containers that I had laying about... they were part of a quilting kit that came from JoAnne's Fabric, but you can use any container.

  • Plastic bags (to line the containers in case they aren't exactly water proof.)

  • Floralife Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment

  • Floral Foam Blocks.  (Wet for fresh flowers)

  • Red Ginger Flowers, from the LA Flower Market

  • Star Ambiance Roses, from the LA Flower Market

  • Green Roses, from the LA Flower Market

  • Pacific Coralroot, from the LA Flower Market.  (Type of Orchid)

  • Purple/Brown Philodendron Leaves, from the LA Flower Market

  • Ice Cold Water

  • Hot Pink Silk Fabric, from the LA Garment District.  (I used the same material to sew napkins for the table.)

  • Tacky Glue


  • Scissors

  • Knife

  • Small glass dish or bowl

  • Ruler


  • Cover the outside of the containers with hot pink silk and attach using tacky glue.  Trim any excess fabric off and allow to dry.

  • Place plastic bag inside container to create a lining, fold down around the outside edge (like putting a trash bag inside the container) and trim the excess off.

  • Using your knife, cut your floral foam block down to fit inside your container

  • Carefully fill your container with ice cold water about half way full.

  • In a small glass bowl, pour your Quick Dip solution until it is an inch or so deep.

  • Cut your flowers at an angle under cold running water approx 4 inches in length.  After cutting each stem, dip it in the Quick Dip solution for a few seconds before sticking it into the floral foam.  

  • For these arrangements, I suggest starting with the larger star ambiance rose, placing it in the center, then around the center rose alternate your ginger and green roses.  (6 each).  

  • On the ends place one more star ambiance rose.  

  • At the very ends throw in a Philodendron Leaf so they're sticking out the sides.  

  • Use your Pacific Coralroot as filler amongst the flowers, and rose leaves as filler for the edge.

  • Carefully add more cold water to the arrangement trying not to spill water on the flowers.  Don't fill too full so you spill water on the silk if the arrangement must be moved.


I actually had enough flowers left over that I was able to throw together two larger arrangements to give to the bride and my co-host after the party with the addition of some hot pink roses and curly willow branches.



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:17 pm
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