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DIY Wedding Challenge: Matchbook Style Invitations


These invitations were actually created for another gathering involving a large amount of guests, but can easily be adapted for wedding invitations.

Materials: (Note - All paper materials were purchased from Paper Source, their materials can also be bought on line at

  • A2 Matchbook Enclosures (We used chocolate brown.)  You will need one per invitation and they come in packs of 10.

  • A2 Envelopes (Red)

  • A4 Flat Cards (Chocolate Brown)

  • 8.5 x 11" Cover Card Stock (Beet)

  • 8.5 x 11" Cover Card Stock (Poppy)

  • 8.5 x 11" Text Card Stock (Glass)

  • 12 x 12" Patterned Scrap Book Paper ("Autumn Bloom" by Daisy D's)

  • Oval Labels for Addresses (Also from Paper-Source)

  • Leaf Beaded Trim (From Michael's)

  • Thin Copper Colored Beading Wire

  • Glue Dots (Memory Book Style because it's ultra thin)

  • 5/8" Red Taffeta Ribbon

  • Ink for your printer

  • Postage stamp created on

  • Glue stick


  • Scissors

  • Paper Cutter

  • Printer

  • Ruler

  • Adobe InDesign CS3

  • Adobe Illustrator


  1. Utilizing one of your envelopes as a template, trace and cut out envelope liners for both the A2 and A4 Envelopes on the patterned paper of your choice.  After you've cut enough liners out, glue them inside of your envelopes with a glue stick.  I particularly like this pattern and it was an inspiration for the rest of my color choices with the reds, yellows (poppy) and purple (beet).

2. Cut your poppy card stock to the following measurements:

      4.5 x 4" (three of these for every invitation)     4.5 x 3.25" (one of these for every invitation)

3. Cut your beet card stock to the following measurements:

      4.25 x 3.75" (three of these for every invitation)     4.25 x 3" (one of these for every invitation)

4. Create your graphics for your invitation.  Your invitation has room for three different kinds of cards.  For us, we had the invitation, FAQ card and a Map card.  However, you can put on there whatever kinds of information you would like.  Ideas include: Reception Info, Hotel Info, Farewell Brunch Invitation, etc.  Base graphics were purchased on and created in InDesign CS3.  The Map was created in Illustrator and then transferred to InDesign.  Dimensions of these cards should be: 4 x 3.5" and printed on your glass text paper and then cut down.

5. For your RSVP card, process is the same, only the masurements should be 4 x 2.75"

6. Using your Glue Dots, layer the paper onto your A2 Matchbook Invitation.  One dot per corner of paper, going from largest to smallest.  Brown, Poppy, Beet, Glass. 

7. Similar steps as above only for your RSVP card layering onto the A4 Flat Card.

8. Cut your ribbon approximately 6 inches in length and feed it through the pre-cut holes of the matchbook card stock.  Tie the ribbon together into a knot or bow, your choice and then trim the edges.  Now, when you fold the matchbook over, you'll notice it stays shut as the longer portion is now tucked under the flap.

9. Cut off one of the leaf beads on your trim.  Thread it onto a piece of copper beading wire and tie it around the center of your bow or knot.

10. For your labels, type out and create addresses using the template provided by the paper-source.  The graphics on the edges we created on InDesign.  I like the odd shape of the labels.

11. If you want to add a touch more flair, design or order some custom stamps off

And behold, you're done!



Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:32 am
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