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DIY Wedding Challenge: Purse Bouquets


For my bridesmaids, I wanted to create not only an arrangement that was interesting, I wanted it to be something they could use later after the wedding was over and done with.  With these purse bouquets, the girls were able to remove the flowers, and use their purses on future dates.


  • Purses purchased from and dyed to match the girl's dresses.

  • Floral foam blocks

  • Orange soft touch orchids purchased from Stats

  • Various silk flowers and greens purchased from Michael's.


  • Knife (To cut down floral foam)

  • Scissors 

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Take the empty purse, and cut down your floral blocks using your knife to easily fit inside.

Purse - A Blank Canvas

  • Cut down your flowers to the right length and begin inserting flowers in the floral foam securing the flowers into the foam with the hot glue gun after it is in the place you desire.  Be sure to place the larger flowers in first, and then add smaller flowers and filling.

  • Once the flowers are set up as you like, create a duplicate pattern on the other side of the purse so the arrangement looks the same from either side.

Because the flowers are silk, these can easily be made in advance.  If you do make in advance, I suggest covering with a plastic bag to protect from dust.  

Final shot of the flowers in action.


Last Updated: June 2, 2015 at 5:51 pm
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