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DIY Wedding Challenge: Vegetable Centerpieces



  • Kerio Roses purchased at the LA Flower Market

  • Red Berry Branches from the LA Flower Market (or filler)

  • Purple Filler Flowers from the LA Flower Market

  • Moss Blocks from the LA Flower Market

  • Large Circular Acrylic Trays

  • Asparagus from Trader Joes

  • Green Beans from Trader Joes

  • Artichoke from Trader Joes

  • Oasis Mini-Deco Holders

  • Floralife Quick Dip

  • Large Pillar Candle (1 per centerpiece)

  • Medium Pillar Candle (2 per centerpiece)

  • Votive or Floating Candle (2 per centerpiece)

  • Rubber Bands

  • Wired Wide Ribbon (I chose purple)

Picture of the flowers purchased from the flower market in raw form.



  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Knife



1.  Take your Asparagus and using your ruler, trim them so they are approximately the same length.  Place two large rubber bands around your large pillar candle and then insert the asparagus between the band and the candle, so in essence you are surrounding the candle with asparagus.  Then tie your wide ribbon around your asparagus candle to hide the rubber bands and trim the edges. 

2. Do the same process only this time with your green beans and the medium sized pillar candles.  You might find it easier to wrap the candles in green beans first, and THEN trim the edges with scissors.       

3. Take your artichokes and cut off the very top.  Then cut out the center of the artichoke and place your votive or floating candle inside.  Your finished vegetable candles will look like the image below. (This is the day after the event)

4. Now take your mini-deco holders.  Turn upside down into a bowl of water to get them wet.  You will then create four mini arrangements per centerpiece.  Cut your flower to about one inch in length, dip the end into a small glass dish containing your Quick Dip to help keep the flower hydrated.  Then insert into your mini deco holder.  For each small arrangement, I had three roses, and some of the red berries and purple filler. 

5. Place your large asparagus candle in the center of your round tray.  Place a thin layer of moss to hide the tray.  Then alternate around the candle with your green beans candle, your mini flower arrangements, artichoke candles etc.


Aaand... you're done!  If you have rectangular tables, you may consider something like this with your arrangement.


A couple more photos of the finished product:                           

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:57 pm
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