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DIY Painted Parasol


Make your own painted parasol to use for photo opportunities.  Think of all the varieties.  Write "Thank You" on one and pose with it for your thank you cards.  Write your initial on them and give them to all your bridesmaids or the guests.  Write "Just Married" or your new last name on one and use it for a pretty picture.  It is actually an easy project that can be completed in one evening.

Materials needed:

White (or another very light color) paper parasol.  I got mine from

Acrylic paint - any color can be used, but darker colors show up better in pictures

Paint brushes - I suggest one medium and one extremely thin one

Computer and printer

Scotch tape



1 - Type whatever you want on the computer in extremely large letters.  To make it large enough to look right, it will actually print larger than a piece of paper.  Don't worry about that.  Just tape the pages together until they fit.  I found that I also needed to bold the letters to make it look right.

2 - Tape the word to the underside of the parasol.  Play with the placement until it looks even.

3 - Use the extremely thin paint brush to trace the letter outline.  Then use the wider paint brush to fill the letters in. 

That's it!  At times, there will be a little guess work, but it really is just that simple.  No one will probably see your parasol from up close.  I noticed a few small details that I got off, but you cannot see them in photos.  Good luck!

Last Updated: October 8, 2013 at 8:27 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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