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saving money


We are planning to save as much money as we can by scrimping and using our imagionation and be more creative as well as "thrifty".  Neither my fiance or Myself will be getting any monitary help from our families, so we are on our own.  We were both laid off this last november due to the current economy status.  I put a good chunk of my savings into going back to school, and have just gotten a new job.  We are both thankful to be working today, however we are both making less then we were at our old jobs (alot less!).

We will be doing alot of diy projects (more me then fiance I am sure).  I made a card box with materials bought at the craft store.  Invites, save the dates:We are going to have our characture done and then take to kincos and have it re-sized and put our save the date info on it.  I plan on putting the origional in a frame with a white border for the reception that everyone will sign instead of a usual book type. 

We are not hiring a D.J. we are going to use an IPOD. 

We are buying everything we can online, my dress, shoes, rings.

 We are going to buy a small plain cake that we will add fresh flowers as a "center piece" and cut normal sheet cake behind the scenes to serve as our wedding cake.  My friend did this at her wedding and no one knew the wiser!

 We will be buying as many things whole sale or in bulk as we can, Flowers, candles, candle holders, and vases.

We also are planning to register our honeymoon, another expense we can use help with.

So we have about a year until our wedding and this what we have planned so far!

Hope this is helpful to anyone that may be in our same situation.

    Shanloopy in seattle wa

Last Updated: May 29, 2009 at 6:08 am
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