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Cake of the Week: SCary


PWer SCary had a Colorado wedding in the fall using a fresh shade of orange and an unexpected deep blue to create her fun, elegant, whimsical, and chic event.

Her cake, by the Colorado Rose Cake Company was a 3-tier offset square cake displayed on an ornate silver cake stand.  

The bottom tier was a Butter Pecan cake with Bavarian cream filling, and decorated with geometric stripes in blue over white Buttercream icing.

The middle tier was Amaretto Cake with Apricot-Mango filling, adorned by orange dots and a twist of blue hand-piped icing.  

The top tier was also Butter Pecan cake with Bavarian cream filling, and was decorated with more orange dots over white Buttercream icing.

Photography by Elegant Images, Colorado

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:07 am
Tags: Wedding cake
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