Cake of the Week: Tracey


PWer Tracey had an opulent and tall 3-tier cake.

Each round tier featured hand-piped butter cream icing in a design similar to that of the brides gown.  The tiers were separated by an arrangement of full roses and dahlias in shades of ivory, pink, orange, and Bordeaux red, and the cake sat on a silver cake stand on a table scattered with rose petals.  Topping the cake was a monogram 'T' covered in silk and rose colored crystals, and the couple cut the cake using customized serving pieces.

The three cake flavors were:

White cake with Raspberry Mousse

White cake with Grand Marnier Mousse

Chocolate cake with Chocolate Truffle Mousse


Baker:  I Do Weddings

Florist:  Flower Divas

Photography:  Lepori Photography / Dave Lepori

Last Updated: February 12, 2014 at 10:04 pm
Tags: Wedding cake
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