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DIY Crystal Cupcake Stand


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This DIY project combines an ordinary 5-tier acrylic cupcake stand with the Diamond Wrap roll in silver. It was made in less than one hour and required only 4 supplies: (1) cupcake stand, (2) diamond wrap, (3) scissors and (4) super glue (or hot glue). The diamond wrap is brand new for 2011 and is exclusive to Koyal Wholesale. It is available in bulk rolls of 30 feet or smaller rolls of 3 feet. It is also available in black diamond wrap and gold diamond wrap.

Make this beautiful diamond crystal cupcake stand in just 3 simple steps: (1) Assemble 5-Tier Cupcake Stand (2) Diamond wrap width is 24 dots across. Cut wrap in 3 equal sections of 8-dot width. (3) Use super glue to fix diamond wrap to edges of acrylic plates.

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Before and After!

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Diamond Wrap Roll - Silver

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Diamond Wrap is flexible and can be wrapped around cake stands, bouquets, votive candle holders, vases, chairs, tables and more!

Wholesale diamond wrap is also known as diamond crystal mesh, diamond ribbon and crystal mesh ribbon.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:48 pm
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