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Meeting with Photographer Checklist


Are you meeting with a potential photographer?

Here are some important questions to ask and/or find out about through investigating a potential photographer on their website or blog!  Print off this checklist, highlight questions that are important to you, and keep it in your records.  This is especially helpful when comparing several photographers.  

No matter what, look up reviews of any photographer that you are considering hiring!  Project Wedding has a great vendor reviews directory: click here.


Packages & Cost

  • What do your packages cost?

  • What is included in each package?

  • Can you work with us to make a package that fits within our budget?

  • How much of a deposit do you require?

  • Is the deposit refundable?

  • Will you take payments towards the deposit, or do you require it all up front?

  • When would the balance be due?

  • Do you do engagement, boudoir, anniversary, bridal, or trash the dress shoots?

  • How much extra would something like that add to our current package?  

  • How soon do you usually book weddings before the date?

  • Can/will you hold our requested date while we consider our options?

Contracts and Obligations

  • Once the contract is signed, what happens if we break it for any reason?

  • What happens if you break the contract for any reason?

  • If you are unable to attend our event, how is that situation handled?

  • Are you part of a network of photographers that can jump in and take over your obligation if something unexpected were to happen?

  • What happens in the case of an equipment or accessory failure?

  • What if that equipment failure also causes a significant loss of the images from our wedding day?

Photography and Equipment

  • Do you do film and/or digital photography?

  • If you use film, what kind of film do you use and where is it processed?

  • Please tell us about your equipment.

  • How often is your equipment serviced?

  • How, when, and where do you back up your digital images?

  • Are you comfortable with flash photography?

  • Do you have & use a variety of lenses to achieve different composition and artistic aspects in your photography, and can you show us some examples?

  • Do you use flash?  Can you show us some examples?


  • Is your primary focus on wedding photography or is it simply part of your overall work as a photographer?

  • How many weddings do you shoot per year?

  • How long have you been a photographer?  

  • How long have you considered yourself a professional?

  • Did/do you take classes for photography and participate in conventions and forums for new techniques? 

  • How many weddings have you shot before?

  • Can you show us examples of your work?

  • Can you show us one entire weddings worth of photography, instead of just the 'best of' so that we may evaluate what we would be getting?

  • Can you show us examples of your engagement, boudoir, anniversary, bridal, or trash the dress shots?

  • Can you show us examples of your work when the lighting situation was tough (indoors, churches that don't allow flash, candlelit dinners, bright sunlight, dusk, etc.)

  • How long have you been working with digital photography (if recently switched from film)

  • Do you do your own editing?

Style and Form

  • What would you say your photographic emphasis and strong points are?  (Journalistic, posed, artistic, landscapes, details, etc.)

  • When shooting at a wedding, do you direct people into poses or work in a stealthy, quiet manner?

  • What do you typically wear to shoot a wedding?

  • Are you open to inspiration photos from other weddings that we like, or do you prefer to draw inspiration from our day without outside influence?

Rights and Inclusions

  • Will our engagement, boudoir, anniversary, bridal, or trash the dress photos include rights to the images in digital form, or will we need to purchase them separately from our package?

  • Will our wedding day photos include rights to the images in digital form, or will we need to purchase them separately from our package??

  • What digital media do you use to distribute photos that we will receive the rights too?  (CD, thumb drive, etc.)

  • Will that media contain RAW or JPEG files?

  • Will the images be culled and edited, or will we receive every photo taken in it's original form?

  • How long can we expect to wait for the images?  

  • Will the images on the digital media contain watermarks?

  • Will the images be in high or low resolution, and what can we expect as far as printing capabilities?

  • If no rights are included, can we purchase the printing rights to individual images?

  • Will there be an online gallery for friends and family to see?

  • Will friends and family be able to purchase prints of images from the online gallery?

  • What website do you use for your online galleries?

  • How long can we expect to wait for teasers?

  • How many images total can we expect from our wedding day?  

  • How many images total can we expect from our engagement, boudoir, anniversary, bridal, or trash the dress shoot?


  • Will you be the one behind the camera, or will an assistant, intern, or other hired help be shooting?

  • Do you bring an assistant?  

  • Does the assistant also shoot or do they just provide lighting & technical support?

  • Do you shoot destination weddings?

  • In foreign countries, do you have all the paperwork to work legally?

  • Have you ever shot at our venue/location?

  • Are you willing to check out our venue/location before the event to get ideas?

  • Do you shoot more than one event in a day?

  • Will you and/or your assistant require a meal on our wedding day?

  • Do you require a timeline of our wedding day?

  • What happens in the case of inclement weather?  

  • Are there specific situations where you will not take photos?

Albums and Printing

  • Will an album be included in our package?

  • Will prints be included in our package?

  • What kind of albums do you make (flush mount, magazine, etc.)

  • Where do you get your albums and prints made?  

  • Do you design every album by hand, or do you use album templates?

  • Can you show us some examples of albums you have created in the past?

  • Can you show us some examples of large prints you have created in the past?

  • If our package does not include prints or an album, how much can we expect to pay for them out of pocket?

  • This is an article written by the savvy and knowledgeable Project Wedding Hostess team!  If you are interested in becoming a hostess, click here.  To ask one of them a question,click here.


Last Updated: March 30, 2010 at 7:27 am
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