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Best Program for Your Guest List


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What is the best program to put the guest list in? I'm trying to get organized with names, addresses, and guest count. The more specific you are the better, I'm not good at this type of thing.


I used Excel. My husband is really good at it and organized the whole thing for me. I wouldn't be able to describe it myself though, so I'm not terribly helpful...


I used excel. I set it up my self  bu tmy parents did the tricky part. I guess there is a really easy way to turn it into addresses for printing.  I don't know how though. Sorry I"m not more helpful.


I set ours up in Excel and we've been maintaining it in Google Docs so that FI and I can both access it. You can also set a spreadsheet up directly in Google Docs.

Oh, also I haven't used it, but has a guest list organizer that looks pretty user friendly!


I stink at excel- so I am just using a chart on word- I do really well with charts :)

It is working really well for me, and super easy.


i used excel. i can put the number count that way it will be easier for my Planner when the RSVPs start rolling in..


I use Wedding Wire.


I use iDo wedding-

I love it! :D


Im about to say a bad word here:  i used the guest list organizer on The Knot!!! i hate their boards, but their guest list manager is awesome.  names of each guest, inner and outer envelope names, what they are invited to (showers, engagement party, welcome dinner, wedding, etc) gifts given, thank yous sent.  you can also sort by what they are invited to (give a guest list of your shower invitees to your MOH in about 2 seconds), and whos guest they are (his side or yours).


all i know is use wedding wire seating chard when you are at that will take your guest list you have in excel and upload it and then you use little table and chairs and click and drag a name and sit them at the organized and helped me sooooo much!


I think excel is probably the best option because I'l mail merging right into my custom labels =)  If you're getting a caligrapher it's also good to have it on excel because it prints just the way they'll need to see if as they go through each one =)

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