DIY Aisle Runner


Over the weekend I finally tackled my DIY Monogrammed aisle runner.  I documented each step with a picture because it makes it easier for people wanting to do this in the future.  I was surprised at how easy this project was, but be prepared, it takes at least 4 hours!  I read that before and thought to myself, “no I can do it quickly and it will look great”, WRONG!  I did a practice run and that took about 3.5 hours and then my real one took about 5 hours.  I purchased a 150ft cloth aisle runner from for $35 including shipping.  I also purchased a monogram from Nicole at Pink designs for $5.


Here are the steps:


1.Here are all the supplies that I used:  Acrylic paint, Tupperware bowl, scissors, hard bristle paint brushs, scissors, tape, push pins, and a pen



2. In order to print out my monogram I opened up the image in the program Paint, went into page set up and expanded the image to 3 pages tall and 3 pages wide.  After it was printed out I taped it down to my kitchen table.


3. Next, I rolled out my aisle runner to figure out the placement of the monogram.  I marked the spot I wanted the monogram with a piece of tape.  I then rolled up both ends leaving just enough material where the monogram would go so that I could move it up to the table.



4. After I centered the aisle runner and got the right placement, I pinned the aisle runner down to the paper so it wouldn’t move while I was tracing and painting.



5. I then stenciled the monogram onto the fabric with a pen, very lightly.  I could still see pretty well through the fabric as I was painting so the line didn’t have to be too dark.



6. I began with my lighter gold color for the W, and then worked my way from the right hand side of the aisle runner to the left (since I am left handed and didn’t want my arm in wet paint the whole time)



7. About 4 hours later, I was done!  Let it dry for a couple hours and remove the push pins.  Roll it back up and store until your wedding day!!





Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm
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