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DIY Ribbon Pomanders!


So, I was originally going to do silk flower pomanders, which I still may do a couple of, but I decided since part of our theme is putting our two personalities into our wedding as much as possible (and I have lots of ribbon everywhere) I decided to use ribbon!!!  Yay!!!  The flowers are from our engagement party, so we just decided to reuse them.  P.S. I think that they look much better in person than they do in photos.

What you'll need:  5 in. styrofoam ball, 3 silk flowers of your choice, about 15 yards of assorted ribbon, about 4 ft. of a thicker ribbon (for the hanger), dress maker's pins, wire cutters, chopstick or thin wooden dowel rod

Directions:  Cut each piece of ribbon to about 4 1/2 in. strips, use wire cutters to cut your flowers to where the stem is about 2 in. long;  I used the chopstick to stab straight through the ball for the spot where the hanging ribbon goes.  Fold your large piece of ribbon in half, wrap the looped end around the end of the chopstick and push straight through the hole.  Leave the looped end longer on the opposite side (you hang it).  Tie the two ends together to make a knot on the bottom side and loop and pin the ends to the ball.  Tie the top into a knot on the ball to also keep it secure.  Now start covering it by looping the ribbons and pinning them, randomly all over it.  Make sure that you leave room for your flowers at the top around the hanger.  Gently push your flowers into the ball and "Voila!" You have a beautiful ribbon pomander!!!


omg!  i love these...i plan on making them for my FGs instead of them carrying real flowers.  they're so cute.  


Wow that looks so great and so original!


forgot about this thread too...


great idea!! 


Very pretty.  Thanks for the idea!!


wow...i like those. Great alternative to all flowers


thats really neat! i wish i was creative haha


That is so cool, so different!


very cool idea.. they look awesome! 


wow those are really cool.


wow. Awesome!


Let me repeat all the other ladies: WOW!  Those look amazing!  Love the colors! You did a great job. I def. think this should be promoted to an Article!!


Thanks, I am crazy about ribbon and will look for any excuse to use ribbon!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:53 pm
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