DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Tears of Joy


I love this idea, because there are some major cryers in my family, plus I just know that his mom is going to ball like a baby! 

Supplies you'll need:

* 8.5 x 11 in. cardstock

* Spools of Tulle

* Hot glue gun & glue sticks

* Travel size tissues

First you're going to fold the cardstock into little pouches.  I found this original idea on Martha Stewart, and decided to add my own flair to it.  Instead of printing onto each pouch "For Your Tears of Joy"...I'm putting little tulle bows on them.  They're going to be in a birdcage on the guest book table, with a whimsical sign coming out of the top that says, "For Your Tears of Joy" instead of it being on each individual pouch.

We marked them at the points where the paper needs to be folded, with a pencil...just to use as a guideline.

"To make a pouch, crease an 8 1/2-by-11-inch piece of sturdy yet pliable paper widthwise three times: 2 inches from the top, 5 inches from the top, and 1 inch from the bottom. Fold the first flap back, the second up, and the third down to make a cuff. Center a tissue on the sheet; fold back the sides where the tissue ends; weave the flaps into one another to secure. Turn over the pouch, and insert tissues."

Once you've finished this part, you're going to have to make the bows.  The spools of tulle are the easiest to use.  You're going to fold the tulle 4 times at a width of about 4 in.  Cut the tulle.  Then cut that piece of tulle in half and bunch it up in the center (while it's still folded), to create a little bow.  Next you'll need to cut a small sliver of tulle to tie in the center of the bow. 

Now just hot glue the little bows onto the cardstock pouches...and Presto!  Really cute tissue pouches for your guests!

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