DIY BRIDES - Favorite DIY Tools?


Lets come up with a list of all the most important and helpful DIY tools. Please share the DIY tool that you absolutely cannot live without:


For me (so far at least!)

- my paper cutter- I would be lost without it!

- a flexible ruler


Paper cutter and double sided tape!


Great post! So far my favorite DIY tools are my paper cutter, mini hot glue gun and regular glue :)


-Paper Cutter

-Xyron Glue dispenser

-Hotfix Crystal Tool

-Ink Pad

-Embossing Gun



Double sided tape for sure and ribbon of course =D


hahaha!  anything paper--solid, pattern, textured!  paper.


- Xacto blade and cork-backed metal straight edge

- Xyron Creative Station! Aweesome.


my paper cutter!


I am not much of a DIY'er but I love my Hot Fix tool....


couldn't live without my paper cutter!!   and and the circular 2 1/2 inch punch! 


as everyone else, my paper cutter! its my new best friend

also glue tape and my bonefolder


my laptop! heehee, so many great ideas and how-to's online!

... and my Michael's and JoAnn's coupons ... I'd be lost without them!


paper cutter, PW, and my collection of decorative and scrapbook papers.  plus my collections of everything else in the world.


Laptop, paper cutter, glue dots, and printer.

Just an FYI for any of you girls who are embossing anything...

I am a scrapbooker so I was looking around for an embossing heat gun.  I found one at Michaels for I think it was $40.  Well, a heat gun is a heat I went to Canadian Tire (any home hardware place would have one), and bought a heat gun for $14.99.  Just a better deal, I thought I would share...


Double-sided tape!


what kind of paper cutter does everyone use? I think I may be in the market for a new one soon (mine is like 12 yrs old and they don't make new blades anymore). Just curious to know what everyone uses


#1 paper cutter!

#2 double sided tape!


paper cutter


A SIL that manages a craft store... lol




Paper cutter!!!!!! By far, the most essential, can't live without item!


Xyron and Zots!


Xyron Creative Station


Paper cutter

Double sided tape

Low-temp glue gun

Laptop & Printer

Adobe Photoshop Elements! I can't tell you what great value this program is! And so easy to use!


absolutely my paper cutters (2 sizes) 

and my tape runner (with double sided tape inside)


m.h.1.23 - I use a Fiskars paper cutter.  I think you can get them at Michaels.  They are a scrapbooking company that sells punches and things...


Paper cutter!


GLue Gun

Scotch ATG

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