"Will you be my bridesmaid" crossword puzzle cards


The above picture is fanned out so you can see the three different layers.

When I got engaged, I knew right away who my bridesmaids were going to be, but I wanted to come up with a creative way to ask them.  So I made a card that included a crossword puzzle that, when you put some of the answers together, spelled out "Will you be my bridesmaid?"


1. colored cardstock paper cut into 4"x5" card shapes
2. white cardstock paper, don't cut it yet though
3. small brads
4. 1/16" hole puncher (optional if you have a sharp enough brad)
5. various decorative items for the cover page


1. In Microsoft Word, you can create a simple (or complex) crossword puzzle.  It's easier to plan it out with paper and pencil first.

1a. Go to the Insert tab and insert a table with as many rows and columns as you need (as a reference, the one below the third step has 5 rows and 10 columns).

1b. The easiest way to configure the puzzle is to put your answers in first and then blackout the boxes you don't need (highlight them black).  I pretty much built everything around the biggest word, bridesmaid.  But make sure that the puzzle will also fit on 4"x5" space using the ruler in Word.

1c. Mix it up so that your clues aren't easily arranged (i.e. don't make 1 down 'will' and then 2 down be 'you', etc.)
      Some examples of clues:
             1. Movie 'Good ___ Hunting', or TV show '____ & Grace'
             2. ___ my valentine
             3. '27 dresses' was about these kinds of dresses
             4. Website: ___tube
             (you get the picture - get creative and personal!)

1d. Then at the end, tell them to put together a sentence using the appropriate answers so that the end result is "Will you be my bridesmaid?" (unlike mine where, if you look closely, you'll see I actually messed up - be sure to proofread your puzzle!)


2. To save paper, copy and paste your crossword puzzle so that it fits neatly into four quandrants on a regular 8.5"x11" paper.  Print it out on the white cardstock and cut into 4"x5" shape.


3. Take two of the colored cardstock shapes and decorate as you please.  One will be the cover of the card and the other will be the back where you can write a personal message to your friend.  Looking back at my pictures, I'll admit I could've done something nicer looking.  So get creative - print directly onto the cardstock paper or get patterned paper, add layers, use punches, make stickers out of ordinary paper with a xyron machine, etc.


4. Once you're happy with all three pieces, line them up together and punch a hole in the top left corner with the 1/16" hole puncher.  Insert the brad to keep the card together and you're done!



I used two cover colors - one for my bridesmaids and one for my maids/matron of honor.

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