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DIY Shabby Chic Custom Hangers


When it comes to weddings, the little things really make up the beauty of the whole event. You can add a touch of personal style to just about anywhere you want! Here's a very simple project that even the uncrafty could craft, and the result will live on forever in that beloved shot of your gown, caught in the summer sunlight, waiting for her moment in history. It's so affordable and so simple!












Select an acrylic paint that complements your color scheme.
I chose brown, but you could use white (for a more traditional shabby chic look, or any other color you'd like.) I chose brown because Its darker and the light wood showing through will contrast nicely, IMO.



Begin by painting all exposed faces of each hanger. The first coat can be fairly sloppy, let it dry completely then add two more layers of paint. I'm OCD so the last layer had to look perfect to me, but its shabby chic, perfection is just going to be inperfected in the end anyway!



Choose some appropriate flourishes, or leave the back blank, its up to you. I used a white stamp pad because I knew my embossing powder was going to get somewhat patchy, and I still wanted the pattern to be visible, even without the gold embossing powder I planned to add. If you are using a lighter colored base color for your hanger, I would suggest using a darker ink pad so your flourish will show through. 


I would suggest lying the stamps you've chose stamp side down on your hanger to arrange them, then press the clear block on top to pick them up in exactly the right spot.

Don't you just love the new clear stamp blocks? Someone somewhere is sitting pretty on a pile of money over this idea. The only way they could be more revolutionary is if there was a stamp on BOTH sides of the stamp cling so you could stamp a reverse image as well. (yea this is timestamped so its my idea!) lol



This is what it should look like. Also I'd like to warn you, if you haven't embossed before, have a folder piece of paper under your piece to catch excess powder, so you can funnel it back into the jar. Have this ready to go BEFORE you stamp otherwise the ink will dry before you actually get around to putting the powder on. Have it READY.



Dump on some powder and tap it off. It should look like this, sort of.




The best thing to use for embossing would probably be a shrink wrap iron, like the ones they use for model planes. But a heat gun tool from JoAnns works well too. (I just prefer the iron because it doesn't blow off the embossing powder.)


Apply heat evenly until you reach the desired effect, which is melted embossing powder that seems much more brilliant in light, but is not sizzled into little balls.


Cut a small 3" by 5" piece of fine grit sandpaper and run it somewhat haphazardly on the edges that would generally see wear and tear. Be careful of overdoing it.


Replace your fine grit sandpaper for some medium grit sandpaper and haphazardly scruff up areas of the hangar that would generally see wear and tear. I also used the fine grit on the metal hangar part to break up the "new" looking shine that would show up in photographs.


Voila! Custom hangers for SUPER CHEAP. 


All done, I made one that says MR For FH's Jacket and one that says MRS for my gown. Both have flourishes on the back. These would also make a great gift!

I had the paint, brush, ink, stamps, embossing powder and sand paper. So the only cost for me was the $2.50 for the hangers! Starting from scratch (and not including the 20$ heat tool, you could borrow or use an electric stove) the cost would be about 35.00. That's including a clear stamp block and a stamp sheet! But I know all you crafters have most of these items at home!



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:56 pm
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