Why Time Is A Brides Best Friend!


There are a zillion ways to save big bucks on your wedding. But I want to share some tips on how you too, can plan a wedding on a budget, without feeling like you've skimped. There are a few key points that you can apply to your planning that I would specifically like to share, including how these points worked well for me. But this article is on the first point, and why..... 

Time Is A Bride's Best Friend

If you're planning a wedding on a budget, please consider a long engagement. Not only does this give you and your FH plenty of time to save for your big day. It gives you plenty of time to root out all sorts of good deals. I can guarantee you, that most of the time, when your planning and shopping at the last minute, you will undoubtedly end up settling for something for more than you bargained for.

How Taking Extra Time Worked Wonders for Me:

My Gown: "I shopped VERY early for my gown (almost two years) but my tactic could work on a shorter timescale as well. I shopped around and found three gowns that I really liked. The key here is to browse a bridal salon that is completely willing to tell you the Designer and Style of the gowns your trying on, as well as let you see the Desginers size chart so you can best discern which size would be best for you. Once you've chosen a few gowns you really like, go home and log onto ebay.com, they have a fantastic feature that allows you to enter a search (ex: Maggie Sottero Jasmina) and it will automatically send you the search results every day! This makes is so easy to get the gown of your dreams at a steal of a deal. You can see how allowing yourself more time, makes this a safer bet."

Personal Score:

Maggie Sottero- Jasmina... Retail:$1300.00 Found On Ebay for $330.00 including shipping! SAVINGS: ALMOST $1000.00!


Thrift Store Finds:  Allowing yourself extra time, makes thrift shopping a great option for some great finds. The biggest tip I can give is this, Go Often & Buy Rarely. Don't buy something just because it's there, just keep looking till you find the perfect item, dont' stress, you can ALWAYS pay retail for something if the item (or an item that works) doesn't come up.

Personal Scores:

I found this adorable FG dress for $1.50. Yes! One dollar and Fifty Cents! Its a blank canvas that I will either add a sash to, or top off with an adorable cardigan. A similar FG dress at David's Bridal retails for $79.99. SAVINGS:OVER $75.00!


I purchased this bar with my wedding in mind for only $17.00, all I had to do was reupholster the arm rest! Who knows what this may have retailed for, but 17 bucks is a steal!


I've found many other items easily at thrift stores, decor, silk greenery, candle holders etc etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as you've got the time to look!


Seasonal Sales & Discounts: Plain and Simple, Having at least an entire year to plan is helpful. Holiday and Seasonal Items are avaliable in beautiful colors to suit ANY brides taste or palatte at a fraction of the cost of retail. Many times this includes everything from decorative lighting and knick knacks to coordinating tableware, there is truly something for everyone.

Personal Scores:

Large Lights, After Christmas! I found C7 and C9 strings of lights at a deep DEEP discount after christmas. They retailed for $7.00 a box and I got them for $1.50 each!

I purchased over 1600 feet of lights for about $75.00!


I also scored these beautiful large ornaments in my wedding colors, for $3.00 a box, Retail $12.00 a box!



I hope these tips can help someone out there on PW! If you're planning a wedding on a budget, consider a longer engagement! It can save you a HEAP of money!

My Next Article: Choosing Your Friends and Family Wisely (Who Can Help and What to Watch Out For)

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:12 pm
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