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Sigred's Tips for the Budget Savvy Bride


  • I want my wedding $10,000 and under, for 100 guests

  • First of all, I'm going to watch all sales: $99 sale, up to $300 off sales--for bridal and bridesmaids gowns ($20 off sales) which are about every other week, and some salons give a discount on undergarments, headpieces, veils, and shoes on the same day you buy the dress.  Some salons even have layaway (which will also keep your gown safe and clean) with a deposit!

  • What is super awesome is that my mom is a sewing GURU, and she can not only alter my gown and those of my bridesmaids, but she actually CARES about us and will do an excellent job.

  • I am watching sales and printing out coupons for the hobby stores in order to make my own silk floral bouquet.  Some hobby stores will help you make your bouquet for free! I am glad to DIY this part because I love purple and lavender colored flowers and I want mine to be absolutely unique, reflecting my unique self--no one will have one like it ~ about $10 plus I can wrap it with extra ribbon I have around the house.  I also plan to make my bridesmaids' bouquets $3 each as opposed to $38 for real flowers.  Also boutonniere components are really inexpensive~ $0.77 per part, which would be about $3 per person.

  • My Sweetie wants to wear his late father's wedding ring, which I think is really sweet!  Myself, I love my engagement ring so much, I could do without a wedding ring in addition.

  • If I ever make up my mind about centerpieces, I will make my own floral centerpieces out of silk flowers.  What is fabulous about all these silk flowers is that they are already made, they won't die, and you don't have to depend on someone to bring them on time. 

  • I want pillar candles around my centerpieces, but they are so expensive.  The lowest I have found is $5 for 2 candles.  My mom knows how to make candles so I may enlist her and make lots of candles.  If not, we are saving baby food jars to put votive candles in.  I saw a hanging votive at Garden Ridge which clearly had baby jars painted with iridescent paint.  You could see the rim where the lid goes on!  I may also use sand and seashells which are very pocketbook-friendly. I will keep favor gifts down to about $1.00 per guest.  I might make seed-packet favors in the "Grow with Us" theme, seeds are 4/$1.00 at Dollar Tree. 

  • I have purchased a DIY set of invitations complete with RSVP cards and envelopes.  With coupons at Michaels I spent $38.95 for these invitations as opposed to hundreds of dollars.

  • I have some cardstock that belonged to my Sweetie's mom, and my bridesmaid has offered to let me use her stamps and ink to make Save-the-Dates, like she used a year ago for her wedding

  • I have never been to a wedding with place cards or menus so I'm having none of that, and we will have self-serve hors d'oeuvres and self-made chocolate-covered strawberries.  We are using my parent's champagne flutes to which I want to dress up with lavender ribbons.  I see no reason to buy servingware when we already have it.  There will be no wet bar, and only a few bottles of champagne or wine will be there.

  • The best money-saver is the free venue and reception hall--which is my church!!  Since venues are up to 64% of the wedding cost, this helps out tremendously!  They also have their own plates, glasses, everything! 

  • The officient, my pastor, will accept no more than $100 and my friend Ethan plays piano and organ, so he will only charge me $50 for the ceremony plus free food.  For the reception I plan on putting a wedding-appropriate songlist on my iPod and just hooking it up to the sound system. 

  • My college roommate has a wedding photographer for a sister so I can get a discount for wedding photos and a videographer. 

  • My neighbor makes wedding cakes for a living and we're tight, so she'll give me a discount

  • My mom's coworker does catering as well as flowers and gives a discount to those whom she likes

  • I may get some ideas for wedding makeup from some department store makeup counters and then do my own makeup.  I have a hairdresser friend that loves to just style and play with my hair because she says it's so pretty, so I hope to wrangle her for my wedding

  • My aunt wants to buy the pewbows, and make some satin "rice throwing" roses, filled with birdseed

  • The reception hall already has chairs and tables, the folding padded chairs are a TAD ugly so Mom and I are going to sew chair covers to create a more elegant ambience, by sewing brocade or a similar slipcover. 

  • My parents have a friend that does calligraphy for invitations, I'm excited to see how they turn out!

  • I got a guestbook for a steep discount because I argued about the price.  I showed the manager exactly where I got the guestbook, and he acknowledged that it was stocked in the wrong place--because I was already excited about this steal, he made the decision to give sell it to me for the reduced price and I was entirely grateful!   I want to get a ginormous old-fashioned poofy feather and affix it to a pen to go with my guestbook.

  • I don't see the big idea about getting limousines, but my Sweetie has a pretty cool car, so well save a bundle by driving ourselves.  If I want a horse and carriage, I have friends with horses, I just have to find the carriage!!

  • I have found a way to get the marriage licence fee waived--you have to take a pre-marital counseling course in Dallas, TX!

  • The ultimate way to save money on your wedding is to enter all the contests you can find and win one!  Make sure you utilize the free wedding planning tools such as the interactive budget calculators and click-and-drag guest lists such as the one on

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm
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